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Horizon Hobby E-flite P-47D - RCGroups Review

Horizon Hobby is once again expanding their AS3X line of Warbirds with the E-flite P-47D. Mean Joe is on the scene with his full review of this great flying machine. Let's check it out!


The E-flite P-47D from Horizon Hobby!

Product:E-flite P-47D BNF Basic w/ SAFE Select
Retail price:$269.99
Wing Span:47.25"
Motor:880kv Installed
Battery:3s 2200Mah (not included)
Flying Weight:55oz
Landing Gear:Yes
Available from:Horizon Hobby

With working flaps, retracts, weapons payload, and a realistic scheme, the E-flite P-47D is sure to become one of your favorite foamy Warbirds.

This is the BNF Basic version with an installed AR636a receiver onboard so you can take full advantage of the AS3X 3-axis gyro system with SAFE Select technology for the smooth flight characteristics of a much larger plane. Let's get started!

On the Bench

The E-flite P-47D arrived undamaged in a well-packed box with very few parts to assemble. All the electronics are fully installed, and the airframe is ready for a quick build. From box to ready to go, you can expect to spend 20-30 minutes, including binding. All the parts fit well and the assembly was straight forward with a well-written manual to follow along with. You will be ready for a maiden in no time flat!

The E-flite P-47D has great details and scale looking features. It has functioning flaps as well as retracts, and plenty of ordinance to get through the most dangerous sorties you will encounter.

Flight Features

The E-flite P-47D BNF Basic comes fully equipped with the Spektrum AS3X 3 system with SAFE Select technology, so this means you will have all of the smooth flying characteristics of a 3-axis gyro, as well as a self-leveling 6-axis stabilization system at your fingertips. For more info on the AS3X with SAFE line of receivers check HERE.

Review Video

Horizon Hobby E-flite P-47D - RCGroups Review (3 min 58 sec)

Flight Review

Once the simple build was finished, and the airframe was bound to my DX9, it was time to head to the field to see how this beauty handles. After preflight checks, it was time to take to the sky!

Roll out was very smooth and the P-47D jumped into the sky with plenty of power to fly out with authority. With the AS3X system performing its job flawlessly, the P-47D's flights were very stable and scale. The airframe handled the lite breeze with no issues at all, and the maiden went off without issue. She tracked very well and minimum adjustments had to be made for trim.

After a few passes of scale flying, it was time to open her up for some easy sport aerobatics. Flipping over to high rates, I found the E-flite P-47D to be very snappy, and more than capable of handling all the sport aerobatics you can throw at her, and with the AS3X working in the background, everything was smooth as silk with no problems at all.

Soon my DX9 was letting me know that it was time to bring this warbird in for a landing. With a flip of the gear switch and a couple of clicks of flap, it was time to bring 'er in. Turning into the wind and dropping the throttle, the E-flite P-47D slowed nicely and landed softly with no issue. Smooth as butter!

In Closing

In closing, the E-flite P-47D from Horizon is a great flying foamy Warbird with great features and flight characteristics. The AR636a's stability system works very well, and she flies like a much larger airframe. If you are in the market for a scale looking airframe that you can just toss in the back seat and head to the field for some flights, then the E-flite P-47D is what you are looking for. ~Mean Joe

More Info

If you would like some more information on the gear used, check out these links.

E-flite P-47D

DX9 Transmitter

E-Flite 3s 2200Mah Battery

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Aug 01, 2017, 05:14 AM
MclF1's Avatar
great Review Joe
They fly great these P47's even without the Ar636
Aug 02, 2017, 01:04 AM
Walked away from all landings
DonRhone's Avatar

E-flite P-47 Video

I liked your video, would have liked to have seen more video of the landings on that grass field, You did have one at the end of the video but the others were of stills. The stills do not tell the story on the planes landing gear, need the video to see what kind of bounce is typical
Aug 02, 2017, 11:08 AM
Gravity's a harsh Mistress....
southernmd_man's Avatar
I was excited to see the Razorback come into the HH lineup, but disappointed to see the cowl is all foam, and not plastic. And not at least including a chin protector for the cowl. Just a nose over or three, and the cowl'll be chewed up and ground down....
Aug 02, 2017, 01:22 PM
Rampage's Avatar
I'd already own one if it didn't have Mr Hankey on the nose.
Aug 03, 2017, 05:27 PM
Registered User
sparrow1's Avatar
Originally Posted by southernmd_man
I was excited to see the Razorback come into the HH lineup, but disappointed to see the cowl is all foam, and not plastic. And not at least including a chin protector for the cowl. Just a nose over or three, and the cowl'll be chewed up and ground down....
We accually own one and it is one of our favorites.
that foam cowl is accually pretty strong mainly because by the time it hits the ground on nose over at least one blade on the prop has broken and it has then slowed down enogh to not cause much damage or has fliped over and hit the tail which is accually more common then breaking props

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