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Oct 20, 2004, 08:01 PM
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first flight in 16 years.

I learnt to solo a 3 channel 2.5 cu trainer 16 years ago, but shortly after that I left the hobby, for a lot of reasons.
Anyway I am back, I finished a new 4 channel trainer 1 week ago, bot a copy of Realflight G2 and played for several days, but time is not on my side - rain season has just arrived (anyone lives in Seattle area can testify that!) . This Monday morning when I woke up, it was sunny outside, so I took half day off (It's easier to get a job than find a sunny day at this time in Seattle), put the plane and field box in the car, also brought 2 garbage bags in case I had to bring more than one piece back home.
Arrived at field, it was pretty windy, although there were several flyers standing by their cars talking, no one was flying, I was really frustrated and almost went back home, but after a while hesitating, I decided to give it a shot anyway. assembled the plane, with some help from several really nice gentlemen at the field, the engine started and I was taxiing the plane to runway! ah the smell of burnt castor oil It was more difficult to taxi on grass than I thought, but finally I got the plane aimed at right angle on the runway, pushed throttle wide open, just in about 20-30 feets the plane took off , surprisingly the plane was flying quite straight and little trim was required, It did climb a lot even I push the trim to the end. Made several turns, it's really not much different from PT40 in realflight G2. After about 3 minutes one gentleman reminded me to make a low pass to prepare for landing, so I pulled back the throttle but the engine didn't idle as expected, I didn't know what's going on because the engine idled fine on ground. tried several times and no luck, so I just had to wait to burn out the fuel and make a powerless landing. Again a nice gentleman offered to help me make that landing, so I handed the transmitter to him, with the fuel left in tank, he showed me how to turn with rudder input, and how to roll.
Since I thought there are still plenty fuel left, I took back the transmitter and did a lame roll (my first one !) and a couple of loops. just when I was having fun the engine suddenly stopped, pretty bad because I was flying pretty low with the wind, I didn't have time to hand the tx to other people nor did I have the skill to make that 180 degree turn required to land against the wind. All I could do was keep it straight while it's losing altitude. Finally it "landed". had to walk quite a long way in the long grasses to get it back, but luckily, nothing got damaged.
That concluded my first flight in 16 years
I couldn't figure out what's wrong with the throttle at the field, so I took it home, then found out the carb somehow got stuck in a 70% open position. I will post another thread for this, the engine I used is a magnum XL 46
Some thoughts - the 160 bucks on RealFlight G2 was well spent, without it I probably couldn't even make the first turn after taking off, although it might not be 100% the same as a real plane, the difference is not that big. I bet trainer from different vendor will have even bigger characteristic difference. I am not saying someone can learn how to fly just by using a simulator, after all I was able to solo even its long time ago, but it definitely helps.
Anyway, it's a great feeling, I want to thank all these nice people that helped me at the field and of course, those wonderful people from the forum.

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Oct 20, 2004, 10:18 PM
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Congrats on your flight! I bet you had to ductape your knees together after that one!
I can vouch for RFS. My first plane was given to me and only had elevator and rudder. I got the courage to launch it and guess what, it went strait up and then strait down. Total loss. I borrowed RFS from my brother who was flying heli's at the time. I practiced on it every night for 2 weeks. I had just built a SKY Vista and decided to give it a try after practice on the sim. Well I was too chicken to take it off my self so a good buddy of my got it into the air and trimmed it for me. I then took over in mid flight and I could do everything with the real thing that I could do in the simulator. I flew inverted for my first flight and did rolls and loops also. The other guys couldn't believe it was my first flight but I owe it to RFS. They went out and bought the program right away. Good luck with your plane!
Oct 21, 2004, 11:54 AM
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That was the best thing you could have done by just letting it land and not trying to circle back and possibly tip stalling. Many people at my field dread deadsticks. I learned how to fly with electrics, so basically every landing was a deadstick. And yes, there is nothing like the sweet smell of glow in the morning.

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