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May 18, 2017, 02:49 PM
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FOUND IT! The perfect Tiny Whoop Frame!

Disclaimer: As with all my reviews, there are NO affiliate links here. I don't get paid to write these!

I have a love-hate relationship with Tiny Whoops. I love, Love, LOVE being able to fly FPV in my house. It’s a very important part of FPV to me as I usually don’t have the time to pack up my gear and head to a flying spot. So being able to grab my goggles and radio and take a few laps around my living room or basement in the evening is key. And, obviously, indoor Whooping is a ton of fun.

But the hate part is due to the inherent problem with trying to fly and maintain a 25g or less quadcopter. That’s 25g with a battery and 25g is REALLY light! And while that ridiculously light all-up-weight is critical for safe and fun indoor flying, it requires maddeningly light and fragile components. The most frustrating and maddening components being the frame itself.

The first Tiny Whoops were based on the legendary Blade Inductrix frame. This is the frame that Jesse Perkins used to start the Tiny Whoop craze and it comes in at a svelt ~3.4g. But with that light weight comes very low durability. The motor struts are prone to break at the duct on even the most gentle crash. Many people report breaking their stock Inductrix frame on the first battery...and I was one of them.

Further compounding the frustration is the difficulty in repairing the stock Inductrix frame. Superglue won’t stick to the frame so other adhesives or repair methods are needed...and none work well. The frame continues to break on even light crashes and repairs continue to be difficult. I resorted to buying multiple frames. Frames should not be consumables!

But with Tiny Whoops being outrageously popular, it only took a matter of weeks before alternate frame solutions became available. Eachine released the “E010” frame which is far more durable but comes in at around 5g and has an odd battery mount slot. While an extra 1.6g or so may not seem like much, it’s significant on an ultra light quad using tiny brushed motors.

People have tried carbon frames, aluminum frames, hybrid frames, 3D Printed frames, and all suffered from one of two problems: too heavy or too fragile. No one could find the right balance. Until…

Clicking around Amazon, I came across what looked like a new FPV company in BetaFPV and saw a Tiny Whoop frame I’d never seen before. This kit includes props, 17500kv motors, a carbon cross brace AND the best Tiny Whoop frame I’ve flow. I honestly feel someone has finally solved the Tiny Whoop conundrum and produced a frame that’s both light and durable.

The frame appears to be made of the same material as the stock Inductrix. The strut design is very different and actually creates a complete X all they way back to the battery chamber. The struts themselves have a flat cross section which creates more bonding area with the duct. As a side note, the stock Inductrix struts are angled, which is said to improve airflow through the ducts. However, Inductrix flight controllers and Betaflight flight controllers use different motor directions so those angles aren’t helping anyone who’s building a Betaflight Whoop. The BetaFPV frame solves this as well.

Another welcome design feature is that the BetaFPV frame has the same battery mount chamber as the stock Inductrix. So no foam inserts are needed to secure a standard “long and narrow” 1S battery. One complaint about the E010 frame is that the battery chamber is a different size and requires spacers...which further add weight. The BetaFPV frame solves this as well.

Here’s the best part. The frame weighs around 2.8g. That’s’s stronger AND lighter. I was able to build my Whoop with a BeeCore flight controller, AIO camera/vtx, Insane (19000kv) motors, and a 3D printed camera mount that weighs 19.8g without the battery. And others have made them lighter.

So far, it’s been amazing. I’ve flown dozens of batteries with all sorts of crashes onto hardwood floors and concrete basement floors. I’ve hit columns in my living room at full speed, pinballed through table and chair legs, bounced down stairs, and had a run-in with a ceiling fan -- all without a single bit of damage to the frame. A stock Inductrix frame would be in pieces by now.

Did BetaFPV find (or create?) the perfect Tiny Whoop frame? I think it’s possible.

The Kit
I haven’t found the frame for sale individually yet but the kit, which comes with 17500kv motors, the frame, a shroud, a carbon fiber cross brace (which I didn’t use), four props, a thermoformed shroud, and a bunch of rubber bands to secure motor wires, is only $15.99 on Amazon Prime. Yes, you read that correctly: this kit is available on Amazon Prime. The perfect Tiny Whoop frame can be delivered to your house in 2 days if you have Prime.

BetaFPV also offers a 7mm motor version of this same kit. I haven’t tried 7mm motors yet as there simply aren’t a lot of options out there.

  • Very light weight
  • Very durable
  • Strut orientation
  • Battery chamber
  • Available on Prime
  • Low price

Not yet offered as just a frame. Must order kit. But at $15.00, take the spare motors, props, and cross brace as a bonus.
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May 18, 2017, 03:13 PM
RC is great fun!
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Nice find, looks like a nice kit. Put it on my list for a future purchase.

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