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May 11, 2017, 07:33 AM
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E-Flite Convergence VTOL Transmitter Setup

This is some information I've collected about the transmitter setup for the E-Flite Convergence VTOL aircraft.
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May 11, 2017, 07:36 AM
Better SAFE than sorry!
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Gen 2 Transmitters - Stock Setup

Here's how to set up a model on a Spektrum Gen 2 (DX9, DX18, DX6G2/G3, DX7G2, DX8G2) transmitter.

1. Go to the System Setup menu, and then go to Model Utilities. There, choose "Create New Model".

2. After the model is created, go to Model Type. Choose the Airplane model.

3. Next, go to Model Name and give it a name. Hint: to quickly clear the existing name out of the way, press the CLEAR button twice while the cursor is pointing at the first character in the name (probably a number).

4. You can go into Aircraft Type and verify that it's set for Wing Normal/Tail Normal, which is the default setting.

5. Go to Channel Assign. On the first screen that appears, Rx Port Assignments, simply go down to "NEXT" - don't change anything.

6. That takes you to the Channel Input Config screen. Check that Gear is set for Switch A, and change Aux1 to Switch H. The software in the flight controller is designed for both of those channels to be assigned to two-position switches.

7. Select <Main Screen> at the top of the menu to exit the System setup menu, and then go from the main model screen into the Function Menu (click roller).

8. Under D/R & Expo, you may assign the suggested 25% expo on the elevator and aileron channels. You can make that on all the time (Switch: on) or assign it to a switch so you can turn it on and off. For a much deeper discussion of D/R & Expo, see this post in my blog:

9. Go to Timer and make any changes to the timer. The default setting of 5 minutes seems about right for this aircraft, but I'd always suggest flying for a shorter time than the manual suggests until you have flown a couple of batteries and you can see how much charge is left in them after you fly the aircraft your way. The second screen under timer (click NEXT) lets you change all sorts of callouts/alerts that can be activated as the timer counts down.

With all of that done, the switches will control flight modes this way:
Switch A (Gear Channel) - Position 0 = Stability Mode, Position 1 = Acro Mode
Switch H (Aux1 Channel) - Position 0 = Airplane Mode, Position 1 = Multirotor Mode

The attached SPM file includes voice alerts on the timer and the switches. I'm using a DX9 on firmware 1.09 (October 2015), so I found the best sounds I could for Switch H. Future firmware/sound file revisions might have better sounds.
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May 11, 2017, 07:44 AM
Better SAFE than sorry!
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Gen 2 Transmitters - One Switch for Mode Selection

The Convergence offers two sets of mode settings - the flight mode (Mutli-Rotor or Airplane) and the stabilization mode (Stability or Acro). I don't think it's very convenient to coordinate two switches like that, so I'd like to get three of the four possible combinations onto one switch for simpler access.

With a Gen2 transmitter, you have access to a feature called Digital Switch Setup. That lets you arbitrarily assign values to each position of a switch, so you get more flexibility in how the switch can control the settings on the aircraft.

As an example, I'm going to set up a single switch (Switch B) so that it can control the modes in this manner:
Position 0 - Multi-Rotor (MR) Stability
Position 1 - Airplane (AP) Stability
Position 2 - Airplane (AP) Acro

First, go to System Setup > Channel Assign, then click Next to get to the Channel Input Config screen. Assign Switch B to the Gear channel. Set the Aux1 channel to "Inh" (inhibit, or no switch assigned). You can use any switch you like; it doesn't have to be Switch B, but that's what I'm going to refer to below.

Next, go to System Setup > Digital Switch Setup. Select Switch B, and set the values as follows:
Pos 0: 100 (100 = Stability mode)
Pos 1: 100 (100 = Stability mode)
Pos 2: -100 (-100 = Acro mode)

Next, go out to the Function Menu and get to Mixing.

Set up Mix 1 as a "Normal" mix (not a Curve) as follows:
ON > AX1
Rate: -100% 0%
Offset: 0%
Switch: Switch B
Position: Position box 0 should be black, boxes 1 and 2 should not be black (in other words, only select position 0 for this mix to be active)

Also set up Mix 2 as a "Normal" mix as follows:
ON > AX1
Rate: 100% 0%
Offset: 0%
Switch: Switch B
Position: Position box 0 should not be black, boxes 1 and 2 should be black (in other words, active in positions 1 and 2)

That's it. Double-check your work on the Monitor screen (Function Menu > Monitor). Watch GER and AX1 as you flip the switch.

The settings above give you MR Stability on switch B position 0, AP Stability on position 1, and AP Acro on position 2.

If you want to change the switch positions that give you MR mode vs. AP mode, associate Mix 1 with the switch position(s) for MR mode, and associate Mix2 with the switch position(s) for AP mode. To change the positions that give you Stability vs. Acro, edit the settings in Digital Switch Setup.
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