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May 05, 2017, 11:41 AM
The QuadFather
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Powering The Vector

This is my first Vector. I am a little confused about the power setup on it. Since it appears the power wiring is sort of a cross between a Pixhawk and a NAZA. Currently I have the included PSU cable connected to the front of the Vector. As Per the instructions, I wanted redundancy, so I used a 5v 3Amp UBEC and connected it to the back as described in the manual. I am going to use an X8R as a receiver, and use one cable for S-Bus setup. Now with both power supplies going to the Vector, will the X8R get power as well, or do I need yet Another UBEC just to power it? And if have to, will it backfeed from the RX to the Vector?
I am asking this because the instructions seem to contradict themselves. In the enclosed photo from the manual, it shows where to plug in the 'redundant' power source (5v), which in turn powers the whole 'servo rail'. So since this servo rail is powered, and the S-Bus cable is in that rail it stands to reason that the RX should get power, but earlier in the manual it says The Vector does not power the RX, that a separate UBEC needs to be used, or use the 5v tap from the PSU harness.

So.. where or how am I reading this wrong. I just want to get straight before I power it all up and let the majic smoke out or something. Thanx in advance, Tim
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May 05, 2017, 12:39 PM
because rust never sleeps....
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The Vector supply needs to be isolated from the servos supply. Therefore in my own setup I use a Bec to power my RX (and servos) and use the current sensor /PSU to power the Vector.

The Rx (AIL) plug passes power to the servos via the Vector but does not supply power *to* the Vector.
May 05, 2017, 02:12 PM
The QuadFather
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Ok, seems then that I have the same type of power setup as you, only difference being my UBEC power is put on The vectors' rail, powering the rail and the RX via the Sbus cable, while yours is supplying power TO the Vectors rail VI's the RX and Sbus cable. Seems same method, two different ways to get there.

The Vector power itself being supplied by its included PSU.

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