Help! New Zagi. Trailing edge of left and right wing different thicknesses by 1 mm. - RC Groups
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Feb 16, 2002, 01:29 AM
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The Other Dave's Avatar

Help! New Zagi. Trailing edge of left and right wing different thicknesses by 1 mm.

I just started assembling my new zagi 400x.

When I match the left and right wings up against
each other the left wing is about 1mm thicker at the
trailing edge than the right wing.

Does anyone know what effect this will have on flight

It seems like this would increase drag on the left side
and cause a constant turn to the left.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


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Feb 16, 2002, 02:24 AM
Ascended Master
Sparky Paul's Avatar
It's only .04". By the time the plane hits Ma Earth a few times, a 1/2" off anywhere won't be abnormal.
If the thing was a precision machine intended to perform a very difficult task with a great deal of finesse.. like an F3J or F5B, then a millimeter here or there could be important.
But it's only a ZAGI.
Feb 16, 2002, 08:55 AM
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The Other Dave's Avatar
Only a Zagi!

Owach! That hurts! My baby is still pristine
not a dent in it and you say "only a Zagi".

At least wait until I have pasted my first plane
attacting light pole before you say "only a Zagi".

Actually I just checked it and it is more like .050"
on a trailing edge that is .225" in thickness on
one side and .275" on the other.

The sad part is that I joined the two wing halves
last night and now I can't decide if I want to
take it back to LHS to whine.

I know what they will say "Only a Zagi".

Sorry about the sarcasm Sparky Paul but my brain is not
awake yet and I have to go play Raquetball this morning
on a hangover. Later.
Feb 16, 2002, 09:18 AM
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Andy W's Avatar
I suggest you go and stomp on it a few times before you try to fly it. According to many, the zagi doesn't actually fly, the earth just repels it.
Seriously, it will make no difference at all. The zagi is already dragi enough, a mm here or there will make no difference.

.. and don't get so hung up on the model being in such good shape - if you baby it, you'll never really learn to love it! You've got to crash and break it a few times before you'll really feel the bond..
Feb 16, 2002, 10:51 AM
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The Other Dave's Avatar

I fully realize that this one will get trashed.
In fact I am looking forward to it

Although I have a private pilots license
this is my first aleron/elevon and/or wing
rc plane.

Up until now I have flown a lite stick and tiger moth.

Sooo I am ready for some tree bashing.

I was just wondering if it would effect the flight.
Thanks for the advice.
Feb 16, 2002, 11:39 AM
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Michael Heer's Avatar
It won't make a difference in the flight but if you are still concerned, try sanding the side that is thicker until they match. I know it is a radical thought.... Have fun with it. mine will have it's 500th flight tomorrow. It has spent nights in a Ponderosa Pine in the High Sierra. It has flown over the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers. It was crashed and destroyed but has risen like the Phoenix to fly again (Thanks to repair tips on this forum and some white foam replacement.). It has been completely taped twice and is on it's third motor and second receiver. It started life as a Zagi 400 and went through a design change operation and became a 400X. It got pinched in a trunk compartment and developed curved wing tips. It has had an on board battery fire and saved itself by ejecting the battery on crash landing. It has lost elevons twice in mid air. This thing is the DC-3 of parkflyers. Go have fun with it. You can be in the air this afternoon. Michael Heer
PS. Seriously, even if it did create a slight difference in the wing's performance it will be corrected by a half turn or turn of adjustment of the elevon on one side to balance it out. The difference in drag isn't enough to consider on this design.
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Feb 16, 2002, 12:42 PM
Ascended Master
Sparky Paul's Avatar
When I sawed the slots for the spars in my ZAGI, with the cores in the beds back-to-back and the roots lined up... one shifted about 3/16" between the line up and the saw cutting the slots..
So one wing is 3/16" ahead (or behind) the other.
It's only a ZAGI!
When you how AWFUL a plane can be assembled and still fly well, at least for a sport plane, worrying about ultra-precise alignments will go away.
When Mac watched and flew my Mirage with the wing on backwards.. he muttered about all the time he'd wasted getting all the ribs on his 1/4 scale Cub exactly the same..
Feb 16, 2002, 02:59 PM
Tu ne cede malis
MtnGoat's Avatar
Yah, just fly it. You probably won't notice any difference. As everyone else points out, by the time you bounce it a couple times and some of the tape starts to come off and one elevon is kinda tweaked from a cartwheel, you'll be right where everyone elses Zagi is, a decent flying machine that doesn't need to be a precision tool to fly well.

I'm sure this attitude gives fits to hollow molded purists and such, but then that's why they baby their planes and why I don't need to, being a foamy freak, I don't care!
Feb 16, 2002, 03:28 PM
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Craig Logan's Avatar
The thickness difference should not be an aerodynamic problem. I would be more concerned about the thicker wing being heavier. Just balance it left-to-right and go fly. After all, it's just a Zagi... ;-)
Feb 16, 2002, 05:08 PM
Registered User

Worst Zagi Wing I saw flies OK

For Ha Has, I took the top bed of a Zagi, which is 1 poor airfoil, and taped cardboard on it for tip rudders, and some for elevons, and balanced it.

OK it has poor stall manors, but if you keep it flying, it flies way impressive. I used paper clips to adjust where the elevons and are very easy to adjust.

Can do a pretty big circle and catch it.

Oh yea, 1/2 was for a 3C and the other was for a THL!!!!!

Ron Parigoris