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Graupner USA Toledo Show 2017

We talk with Mannie from Graupner USA about some new radios and chargers.


Graupner Radios

Graupners new line of radios are pretty cool. They have handheld and tray style radios and the new 16 channel MC-28 is geared towards drone operators utilizing multiple functions like camera controls with gimbals that are self centering and have large easy to use sticks that make it more flexible for drone operators to use. They feature telemetry and should start hitting the market in May.

Polaron AC/DC 700W Charger

The new Polaron AC/DC 700W charger can charge up to 8S lipo packs and has built in Wifi that allows you to use a phone app to adjust charge profiles and parameters. It's a two channel charger with 300w per channel. There is also a 4 channel 800w charger as well.

Stay tuned to the Graupner USA webpage for more info when these are released.

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