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AJ Aircraft Toledo Show 2017

We meet up with Andrew Jesky of AJ Aircraft and talk new planes and motors at the 2017 Toledo Show.


AJ Aircraft shows off new planes and motors at Toledo

The next phase of products from AJ deserves a solid power system and that's why AJ Aircraft is coming out with a new line of electric brushless motors for their aircraft. These are 20 pole motors that will work perfectly with Castle Creations speed controllers.

In other news, AJ Aircraft is putting together a team of pilots to represent the brand. You'll see these guys flying at many high profile events like SEFF and Joe Nall.

AJ also has a new 104" ARS and it is a beauty. It's a 120cc airplane, but they also have a new 67" ARS for those who want a 6S beast of a 3D plane.

Check out AJ Aircraft for more info.

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Apr 08, 2017, 02:41 PM
100% electric since 1990
twest's Avatar
63 inch ars 300 looks awesome
Apr 08, 2017, 05:11 PM
SoCal fair weather flyer
Bloosee's Avatar
It's a 67" and yes it does look awesome. I've got a lot of 6S 5000 batteries may have to get one.

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