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Feb 15, 2002, 01:48 PM
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Help! Getting addicted to Park Flying

After flying slimers (Glow Power Airplanes) for a few years, Im finding park flying, and electric so much more less of a hassle. I can go to a park 5 minutes away, and fly to my hearts content. I still fly my slimers, but the mess, fuss, noise, and having to drive 20 miles to the nearest flying field is such a pain. Im a park flyer 6 months now and loving it. Thanks EZONE for a Great Site.

Now my wife thinks Im nuts.
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Feb 15, 2002, 01:58 PM
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Hello fly4fun:

You are not alone. I have the same feeling and love flying in the park with electric power planes. It's quiter and easier than glow.
Feb 15, 2002, 03:17 PM
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Feb 15, 2002, 03:32 PM
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Parkflying and Even Better

Parkflying is way cool, I started out this way, now the micro's have opened up the world of front yard, and driveway flying, you don't even need to start the car. Indoors is also very nice, sit inside, no coats or gloves and buzz around the gym. Afforsable living room flying is around the corner, what next? desk flying at work!

It's lots of fun!
Feb 15, 2002, 03:55 PM
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I agree 100%. I have been flying glow and gas powered models for 20 years. About 2 yrs ago I got a Zagi. Then another and then a few park flyers. Half of my airforce is now electric and I am slowly selling off some of my glow planes and engines. I am now getting into electric helicopters. It is great to get home after work in the summer months and go two blocks before sunset to get in 5 or 6 flights.

I have found that I get the same "flying fix" from e power in the local park as gas at the distant field. I fly more during the week than I ever did on the weeknds, and now have time to go sailing with my wife on the weekend. On a cold winter day, Ican take a battery pack or two and go the two blocks to my local field for a few quick flights when the wind drops off.

One downfall of my "new" flying hobby is not being around my old flying buddies like I used too. However, my local flying has attracted some interesting folks with whom I can talk to and, perhaps, interest them in the hobby.

Got to go plug in the charger . . .Gil
Feb 15, 2002, 04:48 PM
Faster Faster!!
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Your story is almost identical to mine.
I used to be the most die hard slimer at the field.
Heck we even used to scoff at the people that came out with electrics. The only thing that I have in my Hangar which is glow powred anymore is my 1/4 scale spitfire which just has too much sentimental value to let go of.
I can get out after work for an hour and fly to my hearts content right in my culdesac.
I feel that with electrics you have the ability to create a more scale airplane than with glow. ie no more heads and exhaust pipes sticking out of cowlings. No more worry about what paint is fuel resistant and what isn't. And how about getting the proper mixture setting on a glow engine in ambient temperatures?
I used to think that electrics were no match for glow powered planes.. That was until I saw a speed 400 pylon racer WOW!
Best of luck and happy modeling!
Feb 15, 2002, 05:56 PM
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Thanks everyone for the Replys. Its going to be real hard to let go of my slimers. I have to much time and money invested in them. I just finished building a Great looking Kaos Pattern plane. Every day driving home from work Im checking the wind so I can go fly, fly and fly. Im I sick or what? My wife does support my flying activities. It's better than going to a Bar after work.
Feb 16, 2002, 01:50 AM
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Love these Parkflyers

30 years of gas jobs - and you always knew as soon as the engine fired up the first time that the airframe would begin to deteriorate and just break down.

Now these great little TM's, Zagi's and other foamies really have me stoked! Got a Ripmax Alliance with an Aveox 1010 Direct drive that is as fast and manuverable as any of my pattern planes. Favorite is the TM with the wonderfully weak IPS motor. Best glider I have ever had, thermals like a hawk!
Just bought a Mirage 2000 from Wattage, and the Bucker Jungmeister got here today. Acro 350 with a Simprop 280 BB. Will be my 2nd favorite, right after the TM. These foamie Bipes are really attractive and cheap, makes me want a whole fleet of them.

I was at the local hobby store today, had a Pflatz?? foamie in my hand, got a deal on it, marked down to $30, set it down on the counter with some other stuff, turned to get some wire, and when I turned back, it was gone! Asked all the guys behind the counter, no one put it back, went to the cashier, yep, someone had grabbed it, purchased it and out the door! Talk about being robbed...but maybe just gave birth to a new electric flyer...

Spent an hour trying to get my gas twin running, when I could have been new attitude has totally changed my response to new guys asking me "what should I start with?" Try an electric if you want to fly, gas jobs for lots of other entertainment and noise!

Feb 16, 2002, 08:42 AM
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Has anyone noticed the the "Parkflyer" has the most post and the fastest growing part of Ezone. I don't think anyone knows how big the parkfly part of the hobby is, no way to count them. A lot of Parkflyers don't join clubs. GWS saw it and are cashing in on it. As more companies wake up we are going to get some neat stuff.
Feb 16, 2002, 11:17 AM
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Many of us got our start flying glow powered aircraft, and I see that I am not alone in selling off much of my glow powered equipment. Here in Maine, winters are long and cold, but electric flyers keep on flying. I actually fly in a nature preserve near my house. I have never had any of the other users of the park question my flying in the park, as there is no noise, no intrusion on the quiet. They look at it as akin to flying a kite. If I were out there with a .60 2 stroke, I hate to think... Park flying has certainly opened the hobby to new people. I do wish many would join clubs to learn. Even in my club (Kennebec Valley Model Aviators), where all the guys are glow flyers, they are interested in my Speed 400 and park flyer endeavors. We co-exist happily. Model aviation is a wonderful pastime with many facets. While I do not like to have my small planes referred to as toys, I never refer to large glow models as slimers or wet powered. Each facet of the hobby has its place. We need more people involved, glow or electric. As the FCC and others try to take our frequencies and flying space, all of us have to pull together to preserve this wonderful hobby. Hey, gotta run...the wind is down and the batteries are charged.
Feb 16, 2002, 11:55 AM
FLYER spelled I-squared-R
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YOU ARE NUTS! So are the rest of us. Please explain the problem...

Feb 16, 2002, 11:58 AM
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After flying more years that I want to count,just got sick of the fuss and mess of the ic planes. Tried electrics just to big to heavy and way underpowered. Just gave it all up,one day about a year and a hafe ago someone left a MAN magazine at work just looking thru it I saw the slow and parkflyers it was love at first sight. It just seems so nice to be able to just walk out the door and fly walk in get another battery and do it again