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Canomod XNOVA Goblin Thunder Canopies

If you are a bright color fan and like XNOVA motors, you can have both when it comes to the Goblin Thunder canopy from Canomod.


New Canopies for Your Goblin

Canomod is one of the top upgrade canopy makers on the market and they deliver in both quality and ingenuity. Now they have teamed up with XNOVA on a few new schemes that are hitting the market, and they all have the same common layout for the XNOVA motor. These new canopies are in the XLC class and also in the Xtreme light carbon department, but predominantly keep the same XNOVA lay out. The new colors will help with orientation through your fast and furious flights. This also states the fact that you are using an XNOVA motor under the hood. What better way could you advertise the internal power house but to have a bright and colorful paint job on the outside. If you are a fan of XNOVA with a craving for a sharp new image, you can now kill 2 birds with one stone.

For more info on the XNOVA Goblin canopies click here.


  • High-end full carbon canopy
  • Automotive-quality paints and clearcoats
  • High quality detail airbrush


  • Full carbon canopy
  • Carbon fiber tail boom

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