Horizon Hobby E-flite UMX Waco BL BNF - RCGroups Review

Nikolei checks out the new micro from Horizon - the classic Waco biplane.


Many of us have a sweet spot in our hearts for biplanes. If you do too, check out the new UMX Waco from Horizon!

Product:E-flite UMX Waco BL BNF
Motor:180 UM Brushless 3000Kv
Battery:200-280mAh 2S 7.4V Li-Po (not included)
Wingspan:21.7 inches
Length:16.5 inches
Available from:HorizonHobby.com
PDF Manual:Click Here

Since the release of the first micro plane, the RC community just can't get enough of them! Initially they were twitchy, under-powered and didn't fly that great. But now with the help of AS3X, these tiny planes can fly just as well as planes four times its size! Take your pick of anything from the ultra-slow Vapor to the speedy F-16 or Habu ducted fan jet; there's a UMX out there to suit anyone. Horizon recently added to their UMX fleet with this classic Waco biplane; a replica of the YMF-5 produced by WACO Classic Aircraft out of Troy, OH in the 1980's. With its classic scalloped scheme, scale features and great power system, this should be another great micro to add to your collection. Let's open the box and take a closer look!

In the Box

The great thing about the boxes these UMX micros come in, is that they also serve as perfect carrying cases. Two foam pieces lock the fuselage into the carrier and prevent it from shifting during transport.

Releasing the Waco from its foam cage reveals an extremely nice looking biplane with scale details all over. The scheme is bright and attractive, and it should show off really nicely on a sunny day.

Upon closer inspection, you notice carbon flying wires, webbed wing ribs, radial engine decal, wheel pants, landing gear fairings, a cockpit windscreen and even a pilot with a scarf to flap in the wind!

Underneath the wings, are the linear servos powering the ailerons. These ultra-lightweight worm-drive servos are a perfect fit for these UMX planes. The top half of the cowl is held on with 2 small magnets. Lifting that off reveals the motor and battery tray. The receiver and linear servos for the elevator and rudder are tucked back in the fuselage under the cockpit.


Just kidding! Charge the battery, bind it to your radio, go fly! :)

Photo Gallery

Flight Video

Horizon Hobby E-flite UMX WACO - RCGroups Flight Review (6 min 18 sec)

Flight Photo Gallery


Takeoff & Landing

The big power to weight ratio of this micro makes taking off easy. You can choose to slowly advance throttle and use rudder to keep your alignment for a nice scale roll-out, or you can gun it and be in the air in about 2 feet! Hand-launching is also as easy as it comes, and gives you an option when a hard surface isn't available.

Landing the Waco is also pretty uneventful. It does loose airspeed pretty quickly though, so keep a click or two of power on until you're just off the runway. We were able to land it on our mowed field grass a few times without it tipping over, which impressed us.

We did end up needing a lot of down trim, so much so that we ran out of trim to give it. It was still easily flyable, it just wanted to climb with high throttle. We landed and pinched the half-loop on the control rod and reset the trim on the radio. I also noticed that the right elevator was slightly warped, which may have caused some of the trim offset. I plan to use some steam to get it back in line. I also shifted the battery as far forward against the motor as possible. I may end up adding a little more velcro on the tray, as the pre-installed strip didn't end far enough forward. This also means you could likely use a larger battery to add nose-weight and get longer flights! The 280mAh pack that Horizon sent me lasted about 3-4 minutes with a fair amount of throttle being used throughout the flight. Casual flying would likely see flight times in the 5+ minute range, depending on battery size. The motor surge/pulse that alerts you of a low battery is helpful, but not easily heard with other planes in the air...so it's always best to set a timer.

General Flight & Tracking

As you can hear in the video, the breeze did kick up a bit at times (around 5-8 mph), but the AS3X really helped smooth out the flight. We did get bumped around some, but really not bad at all considering the weight and wing area of this plane! I wouldn't recommend flying it in winds above 10 mph until you're very comfortable with how it flies, as those 2 large wings will catch a lot of air.

Flying the pattern nice and slow at half throttle was fun and very scale looking. Tracking was not an issue.


As said before, the UMX Waco is not lacking on power...so when you get bored of slow scale flying, punch up the throttle for unlimited climbs, fast passes and quick rolls, snaps and tumbles! This little thing can do a lot more than you think! My pilot put it through quite an array of maneuvers, and it did most all of them very well for a micro biplane with a lot of wing area. While Alex was doing rolling circles, hovers and other crazy stuff, the scale aerobatic loops, rolls and stall turns all looked and performed excellently. Inverted needed a fair amount of down held in, but handled just fine.


The UMX Waco is a terrific scale-replica biplane that will be at home in any park or flying field. The scale details show off great in the air, and the flight characteristics make it the perfect Sunday evening flyer. It has plenty of power to do endless verticals and aerobatics, and tons of wing area to help it slow down amazingly well. The AS3X helps smooth out rougher air and make it feel like a bigger plane.

The UMX Waco will certainly be in my back seat every time I go to the field for quite some time, or at least until Horizon releases another micro that we can't be without!


  • Great details for its size
  • Attractive & classic color scheme
  • Sturdy airframe design with help of flying wires
  • Plenty of power
  • AS3X helps you fly this confidently in light breezes
  • Good amount of control on all surfaces
  • Flies great at slow speeds for a relaxing flight, and just as good at full throttle for some fun


  • More velcro on battery tray to give more CG & battery options

*Thanks to Horizon Hobby for supporting this review, and thanks to my pilot Alex Fredrickson for helping with the review!

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What club field are u flying at.....
Apr 20, 2017, 05:28 PM
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Originally Posted by dalecheek1
what club field are u flying at.....
Apr 21, 2017, 07:07 AM
If it's R/C, I LIKE IT!
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Funny how nobody mentions the rear plane support in the box is too short and falls out during transport...
Apr 21, 2017, 11:32 AM
14s 180mah should be enough...
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Nice job, Nikolei. MIght have to pick one of these up myself
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Originally Posted by Gary Hoorn
Funny how nobody mentions the rear plane support in the box is too short and falls out during transport...
Ive not had that issue yet, but I'll keep an eye out. I think the tape is still on it. thanks!
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Originally Posted by Gary Hoorn
Funny how nobody mentions the rear plane support in the box is too short and falls out during transport...
That was covered eary on when we started getting the first ones. I just added a piece of scratch foam to mine and it works fine now but HH should have put a little more thought into the packaging IMHO.
Apr 22, 2017, 03:12 AM
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