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Oct 12, 2004, 01:06 PM

Power system for 40-size Super Cub

I need some help. I want to convert my super cub to electric power but I am not sure of the motor/battery combo. The model weighs around 7-8 pounds but it is a cub with a lot of wing area and low loading. I want to power it with a brushless motor and a Li-po but which setup I don't know. That is where I hope someone who has done something similiar to this can help. I would like to get around 15 minutes of flight time. Any suggestions?

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Oct 12, 2004, 01:44 PM
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AXI 2820/12 should match a .040 size engine. Draws about 30-40 amps WOT.

If you go with LiPo you'll have to get at least a 3s2p or maybe even a 4s2p. The E-tec 1700 SHP cell can deliver 17-20 amps continously and 25-30 amps in short bursts. A 4s2p E-tec 1700 SHP pack can sustain currents of 34-40 amps, so it should be very suitable for the axi. That should give flight times of 5-10 minutes if you fly full throttle all the time (which I assume you don't).

However you could get a 14 cell 3300 mAh NIMH pack and get the same flight time, but with increased weight
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Oct 12, 2004, 01:45 PM
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About the second most converted glow model around.

Pop down to the scale forum, do a search on Cub

That's a Sig 1/5th J3 in my avatar - slightly larger and much more scale than the endless round of 81" IMAA legal ready-to-fix jobs, 8lb 2oz, MaxCim 13Y / 3:1 gearing / 15 x 8 on 16 GP3300 nimh cells. Virtually no mods to the kit, flies like a Cub for 15 mins on the above.

Am waiting for "Saphion" technology cells to move on up before converting - these promise much of the advantages of lipo without the tedious tendency to burst into flames if upset. For the meantime, will leave models like this with nimh!



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