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IKAN SLD-31 Camera Slider - RCGroups Review

If you're into creating videos of your rc airplanes and fly-ins, here's an affordable camera slider to take your video's to the next level! Mean Joe is taking a close look at the Ikan SLD-31 Carbon Fiber Camera Slider. Let's "pan" on over and take a look!


Take Your R/C Videos to the Next Level!

Product:Ikan SLD-31 Carbon Fiber Camera Slider
Retail price:$199.99
Supports:Up to 12lbs
Beams:19mm Carbon Fiber
Available from:Ikan

Adding motion to you production videos has never been easier than with the Ikan SLD-31 Carbon Fiber Camera Slider. With its light weight, and up to 18lbs max load capacity, you will be able to get smooth panning shots with everything from your large DLSR cameras, down to your cell phone. Let's take a closer look and see how it works.

Video Review

Ikan SLD 31 Camera Slider - RCGroups Review (6 min 12 sec)


The SLD-31 comes with a very nice carrying case to protect it on the way to where every you will be shooting. It will be easy to take on location for a myriad of stabilized pan shots. You can either mount it on a tripod or simply extend the adjustable feet and sit it right on the ground to get the shots you require.

The adjustable feet make it super easy to get the unit level so that your shots can be set up in whatever manner you wish. You can also set the SLD-31 to do both vertical and horizontal shots by mounting it right to your tripod. I really like the flexibility of this slider!


The SLD-31 has some very nice features and is very well built. It should be in your gear bag for many years to come. I know it will be in mine! Here is a short list of the features included:

  • Sealed Ball-Bearing Slider Tray
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Large Slider Rod Diameter
  • Easy Level Outrigger legs
  • Slides Vertical and Horizontal
  • Mulitiple Threaded Mounts
  • Large Camera Sled with Bubble Level

In Closing

In closing, I have to say that with its strong construction, ease of use, and light weight, the SLD-31 should become your go-to tool for smooth and dynamic video production with all of your favorite camera gear. You will be able to get solid, no "camera shake" coverage of whatever you happen to be out shooting. Stay tuned for all of Mean Joes' up and coming reviews for a lot more footage from the SLD-31. ~Mean Joe

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Apr 08, 2017, 06:21 PM
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Way too expensive for what little it does
Apr 14, 2017, 09:59 PM
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you must not price camera gear much. formula 1 racing is cheap compared to photography.
Apr 23, 2017, 10:12 PM
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where's the motor? or the controller?

I thought slides had stepper motors and controllers?

like this:

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