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Nov 21, 2019, 07:39 PM
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I bought a CTC ( this is suppose to be a clone of the A8. ) the A8 is actually in the description. My problem
Is I wrecked the SD card slot trying to add a card reader extension cable. .
Point is I can either make it as A8. Or. Keep it as a CTC. But can’t get firmware to upload. And I don’t know the firmware changes. Especially the stepping it or config. I’m guessing at 2600
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Nov 22, 2019, 09:59 PM
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I purchased an Anet A8 yesterday. $100 fig good deal. I can swap some of my upgrades parts to it . Says it is an
Upgraded model ????? What’s that suppose to mean? Has SLB ( self leveling bed ). So any more comments ? Any suggestions on build or mods ?
Jan 03, 2020, 11:16 AM
I kill batteries!
My anet a8 components are still going strong 3 years later. Still using the stock psu, stock motors and the stock anet a8 heat bed. Everything else has been practically changed.

The most recent change was an mks sgen-L board with tmc2209 drivers.

Build list:
P3steel frame
P3steel y axis linear rods
IGUS bearings
Personally designed and printed 2020 x-axis carriage
Personally designed and printed e3d carriage mounted on openbuilds mini-v gantry with inductive probe
MKS Sgen-L with TMC2209 sensorless homing on x and y axis
All motors in stealthchop mode for silent operation
Anet A8 motors, psu, and heat bed
Mosfet for heat bed due to mosfet size on sgen board being smaller than the anet board

Note: I had no issues with the anet a8 stock board ever. The stock psu is also still going strong. The reason I changed the board was to get the sensorless homing and quiet motor operation. Now only my fans are the loudest parts when printing. Also, the p3steel frame was acquired a month after I got the anet a8 (both of them) because logistically it was better/faster to use the steel frame for rigidity then to print stabilizers. Plus the am8 wasn't a thing then

Happy with my printers all over again!

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