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Mar 19, 2017, 07:37 PM
Pompano Hill Flyers
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Now that the weather improved. The guys at Tullahoma are coming out more frequently. So a week later we’re back at the field. Weather was similar to the week earlier, although a little cooler.
Poh showed up and was trimming out his V-tail Explorer and Stork. Gary returned with his 100” e-Riser and Radian Pro. Art was trying to get his Supra flying. He had several bad trim throws, until we sorted out his aileron centers and programming. Brian Smith showed up to wring out his large gas bird on the runway.
I unfortunately, had very bad luck. I augered in my favorite plane, the Shadow.
It appears I was “stung” by the Taranis lockout issue (see ).
During test flying, the Shadow went into failsafe and descended into the woods behind the shooting range. There was no low voltage warning (5 volts shown) and no RSSI warning (until it disappeared into the woods). Using the RSSI indicator to locate it, Gary and I trudged through the woods until we finally located it. Plane was not a total loss, it’s repairable, but it’s going to take some TLC and time.
This is a known issue (see article reference) with the Taranis and X8R/X6R in a busy electronic enviroment (I.E. we fly on an Airforce base and a military chopper was close by at the time).
Just noted FRsky has posted a new beta firmware, last week, to specifically correct this issue. I will flash as soon as my plane is repaired (or should I get a new Shadow-2?).
Oh well,
Live and learn
Mike W
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Mar 19, 2017, 09:51 PM
Pompano Hill Flyers
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Originally Posted by jsparky
Since I could not find another thread dealing with this sort of thing here goes..

The Setup

Great Planes Revolver 70 .. RCG 20cc gasser .. X8R rx

Near the end of of last year I was at the field and doing my usual preflight check.. when the engine suddenly stop and all flight controls stopped responding.. the plane was DOA ... I shut of the plane and transmitter and rebooted everything and all controls came back and the engine started...
I've heard about that problem before, but it doesn't interest us because we fly gilders and electric-powered planes, and that thread is about a problem that occurs with gasoline engine-powered models with spark plugs and ignition systems. The symptom is the receiver locking up so that the only way to get it to respond again is to cycle the power.

Not only does your plane not have a gasoline engine with an ignition system, if you found it with RSSI readings them obviously your receiver was not locked up. I think you'll have to look elsewhere for the problem that crashed your Shadow.
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