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Mar 17, 2017, 03:17 PM
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287 mph jet airship (CGI pics, link to NASA project etc.)

Obviously fitting jet engines to a normal airship or blimp would make no sense.

However if you have bouancy control you could reduce the bouyancy/drag to the point where jet engines becomes efficient.

So why bother with lta tech at all if you're using jet engines? I would imagine fuel efficient VTOL by controlling bouancy is a pretty good reason...

What is the main problem with having the cockpit on top of the aircraft or on the nose like a airliner? The engine, fuel tanks and anything else would still be underneath, so I imagine the cockpit would not be enough to make the craft unstable?

Here's my idea of a aerodynamic jet airship:

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Here's another concept by Emotion Aviation:
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Mar 18, 2017, 02:52 PM
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"Emotion Aviation Touting New 287 mph Jet Engine Powered Helium Airship"

No. They are touting an artist's fantasy drawing in order to bring unsuspecting web users to a website that sells (get ready for it): Skateboard wheels.

It's a made up news article. Probably to rank "Emotion Sports" website higher in google searches. The story mixes 'real' news with 'real' concept images (DARPA’s proposed “stratospheric airship") with pure fiction (287 mph Jet Engine Powered Helium Airship) and links it to a completely un-related website.

You still do not understand the scale of the amount of helium you require, vs the weight of the structure required to contain it. Some math might be useful here.

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