Clover Creek Judging School 2017 - RCGroups Event Coverage - RC Groups

Clover Creek Judging School 2017 - RCGroups Event Coverage

Join Miss Ashley as she attends IMAC judging school at Clover Creek! Find out what the Clover Creek judging school is all about.


Clover Creek Annual Judging School

From Miss Ashley

Every year judging schools are held to educate new IMAC judges and to re-iterate new rules and any changes made to the judging handbook. A judging school also refreshes all previous judging school attendees.

All are welcome to the Clover Creek judging school, you do NOT have to be a pilot to attend a school. You do NOT have to be a judge to attend a school. In fact, the most common type found in judging school are pilots. They go to understand what is expected, what is being judged, and how to judge it. Not to mention, most pilots will end up judging a contest (be it local or other) at some point in the hobby.

The judging school lasts two days. The first day is in the classroom and the second is out on the field. This year IMAC Vice President, Gil Major took the reins as the teacher with John Schroder and David Moser as analysts. They discuss the families of maneuvers and break all of them down. Classes are shown how points are taken from maneuvers with explanations and demonstrations. Then there's everyone's tip-toe topic, ZEROS. :o/

Clover Creek is its own field, most participants usually bring something small to fly around during breaks and after class. All the younger pilots grabbed their quads, while the adults enjoyed the warmth of the barn and Ms. Tina's cooking!

After a final exam in the "classroom", we all headed out to the hangar to get some practical application to hone our recently tuned skills. David Moser demonstrated a variety of maneuvers and scenarios while all the participants watched and judged. He purposefully flies some of the maneuvers incorrectly to see if the judges can spot the errors. Bobby Folsum said " You have to be pretty good to fly that bad". :D After going over scores and comparing notes, the participants are all given certificates that they proudly displayed for us ;D

The school is a great way to kick off the IMAC season and wonderful tool to help understand IMAC if you are just getting interested or have been flying for years. I know I've heard it more than once, You learn something new every time!

Thank you to John and Tina for always being such gracious hosts! Their generosity far surpasses expectation. Thank you to Gil Major and David Moser for their expertise and time and thank you to all the attendees! This school was a reminder that outdoor season is right around the corner for me! Until the next adventure, Miss Ashley, out!

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