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Feb 14, 2002, 09:59 AM
Resistance is Futile
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CG of 1/10th F-22

Hello all,

I've begun construction of an all foam, (Bluecor) sport scale F-22 for Slope/DF. I am trying to figure the CG for initial test flights and need to know how the fuse lifting area, (definately an airfoil) will affect CG calculations of the aircraft. I can calculate them individually but do not know how to combine them.

Since the horizontal stabilizers are very vulnerable I definately do not want it to plop down on those on the first attempt. It is all foam and being very light for it's size it should be somewhat crash-worthy at low speeds. I imagine a cartwheel would leave a few bits scattered about however. No big loss. Just build another! This one has been fun so far......

basic dimensions:

Wingspan 42"
Length 60"

wing, (per side) Semi-symetrical

major chord 24.5"
minor chord 4"
span 14"
sweep 20.5"

Fuse, 1/2 width
major chord 46.25"
minor chord 43"
span 7"
sweep 3.5"

Target weight with fans/motors, without radio gear/batts is 22-24oz. Traget AUW is 36-42oz.

From the weights of the construction so far this might just turn out to be close to the target weight. *keeps fingers crossed*

Thanks all.
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