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Oct 09, 2004, 09:40 AM
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Help with Brushless Glider set up Please.


I'm about to buy a J Perkins Seagull 2200 2.2m powered glider. I've had one before, running on an Irvine Cobalt 05 turn, Jeti Eco (30/35amp) ESC, and using Sanyo 7-cell, 8.4v, 1600 mAh packs for power, all-up weight was 1430g. It was nowhere near a vertical climb out - more like 10-20 degrees, but it flew beatifully. Once I got 'very' high i could glide down to about 80ft, and then take her back up a second time - but that would be it on the power, bar for the odd burst the ESC would allow for approach to land.

So, this time round, i'd like to invest in better gear to (hopefully) transform the glider. Not realy looking to actualy do vertical climb-outs - this is not an aileron aerobatic model, but i would like to get more oomph generally, and increase flight times.

Here's what i'm thinking..... let me know what you think....

Motor: AXI 2820/12 (Was looking at the 2820/10, but read that the '/12' was better...) Only concern is that the Seagull 2200 is rated for a 6-7cell pack, albeit probably the standard cell size rather than the Sanyo 'Sub-C'. And i think the '/12' needs 10-14cells.?

ESC: As required - probably Jeti 40.?

Power: Was looking to use 7 or 8 cell 2400Nicads or 3300NiMhs, but have heard whispers that Lithium Polymer batteries are 1/3 the weight, with the same power - but would this route knacker penetration, due to low weight, when gliding with power-off..??

Prop: Not a clue - would guess 10x7 / 12x8..??

Ok, those are my thoughts. The Seagull 2200 costs app 70 so is good value - and beautiful to fly. Do you see what I'm looking for..?

Basically a powered glider that i can take high, shut-off and glide down, then take high again. NOT looking for low level aero's, although ailerons would be nice, just a nice strong (don't want to exceed wing loading...) enjoyable glider - with power/duration to spare.

Please share your views and experience, idealy if you could provide a 'set-up' suggestion for all components (Glider/Motor/Power/ESC/Prop). I'm not a competition flier, so just something that would keep your average flier entertained - even if you have a better option than the Seagull 2200 Glider, which may come to mind.

Hope I'm not asking too much...
Many Thanks in advance.

Chris W.
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Oct 10, 2004, 05:34 PM
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Anything similar to Mega 16/15-size/4~5 Direct drive + 10x6 folder does what you need,or a hotter motor lower winds, with a gear box which can spin a larger prop is better for eff. of prop. thus lower the amp draw. which in turn help to reduce the batt. size, thus weight.
Outrunner like 2810 is overkill and will tear apart the wing if properly prop., also mounting of outrunner needs some works to secure the wires.

I know this for this is the one which makes me come back to r/c scene, and mine had its wings folder in a gusty day , I was not making any vigourous manueovers but perhaps the extra weight claimed it. Though may not be the fault of maker, cos' I used 8 gp3300 with its power set up. So remember not to overpower it then you may enjoy it. Hope this help.

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Oct 10, 2004, 06:21 PM
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Gliders tend to use a motor/gear box combo in order to spin a large diameter prop efficiently. However, outrunners are being used more, from what I read.

As an example - I fly a 2M Aspire running a Hacker B20 L18 with the Maxon 4.1:1 GB, 12 x 6 folder prop, and a 3S TP 2100 Gen 2 (10-12C) LiPo pack.

The AUW is 38 oz which is acheived by using the above and Hitec HS 85 servos, 555 receiver, and CC Phoenix 25 ESC. The glider flys well and I get 7-8 climb outs (50-60 degree) per charge. On a decent thermal day I get all the flying I want on one pack.

The Aspire has about a 650 sq. in. wing area and at 38 oz. has about an 8 oz./sq. ft. wing loading. I use it primarily for sport thermal soaring. It is a R,E sailplane. If you plan on doing more slope soaring, then a heavier wing loading might be an advantage.

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Oct 10, 2004, 08:24 PM
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Hi Chris,
I'm sure if you e-mail John Emms at Puffin or Gordon Tarling they could both suggest a setup for you that would be close to ideal.

The only thing I'd say is to choose your cells first and keep them as light as possible. FAUP1950s or GP2200s will save you some weight and still provide plenty of power and duration for what you want.

Good luck, Matt.
Oct 11, 2004, 12:59 PM
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i have a filip 600 2 meter t tail r&e. here is my setup

axi 2820-10
graupner 12x6 folding prop
tmm 40 amp speed control
1700 mah aup nimh 8 cells pack

i am going to li-poly and will run the following setup

axi 2820-10
graupner 12x6 folding prop
phoenix 45 amp speed control - castle creations
poly quest 3 cell 1800 mah li-poly pack.

with the phoneix 45 u can program the volts where the sped control will shut off the motor when it reaches 9.3 volts. below that u blow the pack. i bought the poly quest pack and put it in the sailplane with the tmm spedd control and ran it.

i did not read the directions, like i should have and the pack went below 9 volts. go bye pack. the climb in impressive. the filip 600 has 5 degrees of downthrust in the motor and i programmed 5% down elev when at full throttle in my futaba 9c tx (master/slave arrangement).

when i launch at full throttle the plane does a very gentle climb not a zoom launch. i just pull back on the stick and up she goes. very impressive climb. hope this helps.

Oct 12, 2004, 03:09 AM
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I have similar setup like you.
AXI 2820/12, Model Motor TMM 4012-3. Most my gliders flew with 12x6 props and Sanyo 10x1950 FAUP battery pack. Enough power for 5-6 climbs.
My opinion - not use any other ESC for AXI motors instead original Model Motor. Advanced series had a full programming features ( LiPo support, timing and other ...).
I bought all on, prices really good, specially for "COMBO" packages.

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