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The 6th annual CFL FPV Event went down this past weekend near Orlando Florida and RCGroups was on hand to check it out and see what makes this event so popular. For 2017, CFL was brought to you by ReadyMadeRC as well as other sponsors that go a long way in making the event happen...


6th Annual FPV Event

The 6th annual CFL FPV Event went down this past weekend near Orlando Florida and RCGroups was on hand to check it out and see what makes this event so popular. For 2017, CFL was brought to you by ReadyMadeRC as well as other sponsors that go a long way in making the event happen. This all started out with a group of guys who just enjoyed flying FPV (First Person Video) together and it grew from there into a yearly gathering of FPV nuts from all around. 6 years later and it's now one of the largest gatherings of FPV pilots in the USA.

The event takes place at Camp Challenge which offers unique amenities such as on site full restrooms, showers and cabins for staying at the event. It's really a 43 acre summer camp. The event organizers partnered with the Easter Seals Florida organization so that the proceeds from the event go to the charity to improve the lives of those with autism and other disabilities. It's a great way to give back and showcase our hobby and passion in a positive light.

The event kicked off on Thursday and offers a mix of open flying along with fun and interesting events throughout each day. The events included Limbo, Wing gaggles, Tiny Whoop night racing, drone night racing, FPVWRA wing racing, Blind Man's Bluff, team drone racing and even fixed wing and drone drag racing. There is something for everyone and you couldn't help but have a great time even if you were just watching the action. The Blind Man's Bluff challenged anyone to put on their FPV goggles and try to find your way to some ribbons and back while looking at several different randomly changing camera views from drones in the sky, lots of fun!

Wing Racing

This event hosted the 2nd FPVWRA wing race and it is an exciting new addition to FPV drone racing. The wings are faster, easier to see for spectators and usually provide more racing action than mini quad drones. There are still some growing pains to get through however if we want this to turn into a true mass market spectator sport. With every new race, lessons are learned and applied to future events and the future is looking great for FPV Wing Racing.

Some of the things I noticed that need to be addressed are standardizing the rules around tech inspections to ensure power systems meet the proper specs. The first place finisher in the sportsman class final got DQ'd due to being a little more than 100w over the limit while the 2nd place finisher was 20w over the limit, but not DQ'd. There also needs to be a way to review and prove the proper course was flown. When watching back the DVR footage after the race it was shown that at least one pilots was missing the flag on the last turn. The spotter should have been telling the pilot they missed the flag and to turn around and hit it again or at least there should have been some time penalties assigned for each flag missed. Since this wasn't a high stakes race with no money on the line and since time was short, the decision was made to not worry about missing flags for this race. That's ok for now, but as the sport grows and becomes more mainstream, we will need clear and defined rules in place for situations like this. The most important thing here is that wing racing is an adrenaline-filled heart-pumping event that everyone needs to get on board with. It was so much fun and I only finished in 5th place! You have to try this...


Aside from all the open flying, racing and other events going on, there were also vendors on site selling goods and showcasing product. It's great to see all these companies come out and support FPV and drone racing. Here's the sponsor list from this years event:

Premiere Sponsor

  • ReadyMadeRC

Major Sponsors

  • Video Aerial Systems
  • Atmospheric Adventures
  • Stone Blue Airlines
  • Graves RC

Minor Sponsors

  • CXN Designs
  • Range Video
  • DragonLink
  • Castle Creations
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Prime Maintenance Solutions

Basic Sponsors

  • Eagle Tree Systems
  • Dimension Engineering
  • Let's Fly RC
  • Gleim Aviation


  • Joe Scully MC
  • UAS Technology


RMRC was there and showcasing a couple of their latest FPV planes that just arrived. The Strix Stratosurfer is a pusher plane with a tough ABS plastic fuselage and large control surfaces that makes for a fun sport aerobatic FPV plane. The Strix Alatus is a hard core racing wing that is fast and fun to fly and should be competitive this season. Both planes recently became available so be sure to check them out.

Video Aerial Systems

Alex, better known as IBCrazy from Video Aerials Systems had a new indoor/outdoor micro EPP plane on display. It's called the Gremlin and it's billed as the Tiny Whoop of airplanes. With its small size and durability it should be a blast FPV proximity flying and shooting tiny gaps just like you do with a Tiny quadcopter.


Chris Klick of RiteWing had some great looking new wings in the hands of sponsored pilot Shelby Voll who took some time to tell us all about these news wings. The Hardcore 44 is a serious race wing with some extra large and long fins. Combined with the winglets, they allow this wing to carve through turns seemingly holding a knife edge attitude while maintaining altitude. These should be ready for sale in the next few weeks so look out for it at your favorite RiteWing dealer along with a few other sizes and wings coming to the FPV market.

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6th Annual CFL FPV Meet Video from RotorPictures
6th Annual CFL FPV 2017 Meet (6 min 0 sec)
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