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Feb 28, 2017, 11:22 AM
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Elevon mixing and 2nd ELE doesn't work

Hi... I'm building a flying wing with an EDF and thrust vectoring (no reason except it's fun to play with spare parts... and I had a spare thrust vector ring and EDF). I'm having problems getting the 2nd Elevator working. Elevator signal comes in fine and is mixed by the Vector with the Aileron channels Ail=Ch1 and Ele=Ch2. I have also tried mapping channel 7 as a new mix on the Taranis for an independent Elevator for the thrust vectoring so I can reduce the servo throws on the elevator thrust servo (channel 7 on my Taranis is fed by the ELE stick but has 40% weight to reduce servo throws, I did run the Rx Wizard at 100% throws as well). I have the rudder thrust servo plugged into channel 3. Rudder thrust vector servo works fine. 2nd Elevator servo does not work at all. I have done the Rx Wizard and all fine, no errors on OSD. I can see channel 7 moving up and down in the PC software as the second slider next to the ELE signal coming from Ch2. I have the Aux 2 set for second elevator but the servo does not move at all. I know I could just connect the thrust vector servos directly to the Rx but I'd like the Vector flight controller to have the same level of autopilot control as manual flight control (I don't want manual control to have exaggerated elevator control vs the autopilot in RTH as a result of manual having thrust vectoring on that axis)

Does anyone have second elevator working in an Elevon setup? Or any ideas why servo isn't working? I can't get it to work with 12.07 or 12.54 beta.

Any thoughts welcomed.

Apologies for cross-post in fixed wing but no bites... Hoping ET could verify the mix works maybe?

btw... for interest... I'm building a foam flying wing with 42" wingspan and a Mercury 74mm EDF with 2000g thrust at 5000 mAh 45C 4S. AUW is only 1600g. Should be fun right up until impact.

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