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Feb 27, 2017, 04:35 AM
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How to get controls correct; Vector+AS636A Opterra wing

I installed the Eagle Tree vector with gps, alerter and pitot tube on my Opterra BNF wing with Spektrum AR636-A AS3X receiver and can't get the controles correct.
I do need some help with here

Everything isinstalled exactly like described in the manual, wright place and wright direction.
Downloaded the latest updates and firmware.
Setup of my Spektrum DX8 is standard; new model, wingtype normal and no mixing.
Using a Spektrum programming cable I set the modeltype of the AR636-A AS3X to normal wing and no mixing.
I did run the RX analyzing wizard and guess what happend to the controles?
The wing rolls the wrong way and the elevation is also wrong using the controle sticks on my transmitter. Moving the wing nosedown by hand results in elevon moving down and the roll is also wrong.
I tried several changes,like switching servoconnectors, reversing elevon in the vetorsettup, different settins the receiver and transmitter but I just can't get it correct. Could be the Vector does not support the AR636-A AS3X but I don.t know and I am out off options.

What is the best working setup combining the Vector with AR636-A AS3X and Opterra Wing?
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Feb 27, 2017, 05:43 AM
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Tom T's Avatar
I may be wrong, but I dont think the 636A plays well with seperate flight controllers. You may have to use just a regular receiver.
Feb 27, 2017, 07:21 AM
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Thank you Tom,
I was affraid of that.
Do you know if a Spektrum AR8000 will work correctly with the Vector?
Feb 28, 2017, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by DvLNL
Thank you Tom,
I was affraid of that.
Do you know if a Spektrum AR8000 will work correctly with the Vector?
It will work great.

Feb 28, 2017, 11:30 AM
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I had exact same issue with servo direction on my wing. It will be a combination of doing a servo reverse on the transmitter and re-run the Rx Wizard.... Re-Run the Wizard with each change. Mine was fixed and no problems.
Feb 28, 2017, 01:39 PM
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Just a heads up, once you are flying FPV you will realize how limited regular range receivers are, begin saving money for a long range transmitter/receiver.
Mar 01, 2017, 03:51 PM
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Thanks for all your support!
Reversed aileron and elevation in my transmitter and it works perfectly.
I will install the AR8000 later when I need a few extra channels for a fatshark tilt/pan/roll system.
A 250 mWatt videotransmitter will probably give me enough range for some nice fpv flights.