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AMA Expo East 2017 - Saturday Photos

Miss Ashely reports in from the AMA floor. Check out her photos and thoughts from this East coast RC event.


It was a great turnout!

Saturday had me slithering through the massive crowds of people.

I tried to get a good representation of the booths at the expo. I dropped in on the tiny whoop race at the indoor cage. I caught Sal Calvagna's lecture on his Ilya. He even had Nikolai Sikorsky, the designer's son, on stage with him for some history on the man who built the machine. I also saw Hoot Gibson, astronaut and shuttle commander. I swooned him into an autograph and a picture!Hoot re-affirmed that I do have the best hair in RC!

There will be a drawing Sunday for a signed replica of the shuttle that Hoot commanded! The AMA and the FFA joined forces on the AMA stage for a rundown and explanation of new regulations and how they apply to modelers. They all made it clear that they want model aviation to continue and thrive.

Tonight is the journey into the Big Apple!! Wish me luck! See you all tomorrow!

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