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Feb 22, 2017, 03:00 PM
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Fueling my other RC addictions

My main passion is RC airplanes, namely giant scale, but sometimes it's just not possible to go flying due to inclement weather conditions. Flying weekend after weekend can also burn you out so sometimes I like to take a break and change things up for a bit. Bi-monthly desert trips have helped out but one thing I always have enjoyed doing is RC cars. It started probably 15 years ago, not long after I started flying airplanes, with an XTM Xcellerator Nitro RTR from Hobby People. I drove the snot out of that car but eventually wound up selling it as I kept breaking turnbuckles. Upgraded to an XTM Xterminator RTR, not sure which version I had exactly but I know that it came with all of the upgraded parts on it and the 'big cooling head' on the XTM 24.7 engine. At some point I acquired an XTM Mammoth off of a flying buddy, he bought the truck to use for spare parts but the truck was all there in a box, I took it home and re-assembled it in a handful of hours. I still have that truck to this day and will have it running again in short order.

Fast forward to a handful of months ago last year, I got bit by the RC car bug again. I won a Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5R in a company giveaway which unfortunately had a locked up engine. I thought for sure the engine was a goner but my coworker suggested I take it all apart and soak it in nitro fuel overnight to see if that will free it up. That did the trick as the next day I was able to free up the stuck crank and she was spinning freely again. I threw it back together, clamped it to my bench and spun it over, she fired in short order. A new carb had to be purchased because the old one was in poor shape, but at least the engine runs. I put the engine back in the truck and slapped the new carb on and she ran pretty good, spent a couple of days getting the engine dialed in and she runs great now.

A cloudy, cold, and rainy Sunday drove me to the point of where I tore the T-Maxx almost completely apart and cleaned everything off. The old damaged carb had leaked fuel all over everything and because the truck was never cleaned up it turned into gunk. Took the electronics and engine out and sprayed the whole truck down with Simple Green (not diluted) and it took most of the crap right off of it. Sprayed it down again with half SG half water to rinse stuff away and once more with straight up water to take the soap off. I used my air compressor to spray away as much water as I could get to, then I misted WD-40 lightly ontop of stuff to chase out the water. More work with the air compressor to spray it all down and dry everything off and it was good as new.

Shortly after I got the T-Maxx I wound up purchasing a DHK Optimus GP buggy from Hobby People (before they shut down) to toy with. I swapped the throttle servo out right away with a Hitec HS-5565MH I had on hand because the stock servo had poor centering, I also swapped the stock tx/rx with a Hitec system because of its very low resolution. The odd hex size on the steering servo is keeping me from swapping it out but I'll be slapping a Hitec servo in it as soon as I find out the size.

And of course one of my other co-workers happened to be giving away his XTM Mammoth with some aluminum upgrades on it so I took it from him. Fired it up last night and it ran good so I'll be toying with that pretty soon here as well.

The most recent purchase I made was a Traxxas Revo 3.3 off yet another co-worker who won it in the aforementioned company giveaway, the truck was brand new, never ran, and had a full Hitec servo package in it (HS-7955TG on steering, HS-7985MG on throttle/brake, and an HS-65MG on the trans shifter). I did away with all of the stock a-arms and went with a full RPM package front and rear, with the RPM rear track conversion kit. She also got an ST racing 3 shoe aluminum clutch since the stock clutch spring wound up breaking, and also has a Traxxas swaybar kit on it and a Traxxas rear wing/mount kit. Still need to break in the engine but the few times I've run it she has ran excellent. Had a little bit of a tuning issue the other day which kept me from running it very long (would lean out when you give it any gas and would die when you let off) which turned out to be a loose fuel inlet screw but now that that's fixed and the carb re-set to factory specs, she should run great.

That's all for now...
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