Central Mississippi Drone Racers - RCGroups.com Event Coverage

RCGroups.com sent Miss Ashley to Jackson, Mississippi to cover the second drone race of the season at Shiloh Park. Check out the video and photos.


Drones in Mississippi

From Miss Ashley:

This weekend I found myself near Jackson, Mississippi in a little town called Brandon. The Central Mississippi Drone Racers (CMDR) had their second race of the season at Shiloh Park. We had clear skies and beautiful weather for February! I can tell it's almost outdoor season again and I'm thrilled. Seriously.

MultiGP Drone Race CMDR (4 min 47 sec)

The day started with practice flights to get used to the course and for pilots to get their lines down. The gates were actually from Horizon! I had no idea they sold gates! It was a pretty intricate set-up for a wide open space. It was in the middle of a soccer field; no trees or natural obstacles. The course consisted of a starting gate, an air gate about 10ft. high, a double gate, another air gate lower down, and a chicane or two to round us out. The course was estimated to be about 300ft.

Contest Director, Tyler Collett, will tell you how glitchy this whole process can be. There were a few frequency issues, but it was quickly squashed thanks to the 901 FPV crew, and then it was off to a day at the races. Contestants counted up laps in each two minute heat.

The Winners

  • Third place - John Trent
  • Second place - JR Winget
  • First place- Lucas Dearborn

Congratulations to all the participants! You guys are a blast to watch when you don't know anyone's looking. See you all soon!

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