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Jan 30, 2017, 12:28 PM
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Build Log

HSD A-1 Skyraider Build Log

Here is my build log for the HSD A-1 Skyraider 1600mm wingspan. Flies on 6S!
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Jan 30, 2017, 12:28 PM
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Jul 9, 2015

It arrived today! Everything is in great condition, looks like DragonHobby had to repackage it for me, and to compensate they threw in a nice little multi screwdriver, thanks for that!

Going over everything included, it appears I might be missing some items. I have enough screws to attach the elevator and the rudder to the fuse, but not sure I have the screws for the wing? There is no manual included, it's a really simple build so not a big deal, however there are a bunch of electronic boards installed and prewired that'd be nice to have a manual for, also be nice to know the CG, perhaps I can look at the old version thread for that. So the big thing that's missing is the main wing spar. There are tube holes in the main wings, but I have no tube to go in there. So perhaps Alex you can help me out on these three things:

1. Wing bolts.
2. Online version of manual maybe?
3. Wing spar.

Update in case anyone is curious, DragonHobby is taking care of my issue, I think the wing bolts might actually be here they just look so small to me compared to other models so I overlooked them, as for manual and wingspar VERY FAST customer service!

Here are some pictures as I've unboxed it a set it together on my workbench. Nice that all hinges are with a proper hinge, not just foam, very nice.
Jan 30, 2017, 12:33 PM
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Jul 11, 2015

First Mod, fix the prop so that it secures properly to the smaller hex size on the prop adapter. I just used some CA and cut up a very thin zip tie to make up for the different size between the prop and the adapter. This makes the prop fit very secure on the adapter now.

Forthcoming mods:

1. Pin hinge the lower half of the rudder.
2. Fix the rudder vs tail wheel as the seem to go opposite directions through the built in controller.
3. Possibly use a nice strong carbon fiberspar, maybe longer than stock, from Goodwinds.
4. See if I can find a clean solution to put screws in the front portion of the wing rather than relying on the foam tabs as there seems to be a bit of slop in the design.
5. Pilot and Cockpit detail!

side note: DragonHobby sent me a PDF of the manual, if anyone is interested I can share it.
Jan 30, 2017, 12:33 PM
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Jul 18, 2015

I received the wing spar from Dragon Hobby yesterday, and I'm quite impressed. It's a light aluminum but it's not a thin tube, it's rather thick. Comparing to some very strong carbon fiber tubing I have here from Goodwinds in the same size, the stock wing spar is stronger, harder to bend, with very minimal weight increase.

The stock ESC connector for the batter is the AX150/AS150 style. I really like this style in that it's anti-spark, and it secures very nice with high amp protection, and also comes apart without tugging like mad. The only thing I don't like about these connectors is that it is possible (very unlikely but still possible) on the battery side, to connect the positive to it's own negative. I know it's something that never should happen but you know how that works LOL. A simple solution to that I guess would be to perhaps tape the two connectors on the battery side together, don't see any issue with that. Also these connectors are very east to solder, and make a nice clean fit. I might be investing in these for my other planes soon enough.

So anyways, I made an adapter from AX150 to EC5 for my current batteries. I then was able to fire up the motor. Everything was great, so I secured the plane on my bench and put the prop on. Now I didn't measure thrust at all, but holy smokes, I ran her up to mid throttle and she wanted to fly out the window, I bumped a quick burst to full and I swear she wanted to make me go airborne! This beast has a ton of power! I am VERY happy with this stock setup!!

This weekend I plan to finish the build and hopefully get out to the airfield next week. I'll take some photos and possibly some video, my hat cam is poor quality, but maybe someone at the field can video the flight on my iPhone for me.
Jan 30, 2017, 12:35 PM
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Jul 23, 2015

I finished my build today, even added in a pilot I had sitting around that was a close to scale size as I could get. I have to just setup my rates on the transmitter and finalize my CG and I should be good to maiden soon!

Update: I've setup the dual rates as per the manual. CG is pretty close, the manual says 80 to 85, so I've gone with 80 gear extended, and closer to 85 with gear up. The only thing holding me back from flying is this wet weather we've been having for like a week now...
Jan 30, 2017, 12:36 PM
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Anyone on the fence about this one BUY IT!!!!!!

The HSD Skyraider was absolutely fantastic to fly. It has a lot of torque on take off with the 6S power system, so be ready for a lot of right rudder and ease the speed up for a nice scale take off. I marked the CG at around 80mm from the leading edge, only slightly nose heavy. Once in the air this plane is as stable as they come, only needed a couple of clicks of aileron to trim her out for level flight on half throttle. Speaking of throttle, this plane has so much power I very rarely went above half throttle, in fact I was able to flying her nice and scale below half throttle, but it sure is nice to know you have that extra power when needed. I did a quick run on full throttle and she had unlimited vertical, took off like a rocket! Now landing was a treat. She is a heavy bird so she does come in a little hot, but with full flaps deployed she slows down real nice, easy to get her on her mains and the rudder authority is great to keep her straight down the runway. I was able to gently put the tail down and have her come to a complete stop just short of the end of the runway. Very scale! This is a beautiful plane and I give it 5 out of 5 stars! As well, the experience of purchasing from Dragon Hobby USA​ was amazing, Alex and Yanci are great people and support their products 100% Thanks again for such an outstanding plane!!

I wish I was able to get video of the flight, maybe next time if I can find someone to video me while flying.

I'm running a GensAce 6S 4400 35c battery(743grams), pushed as far forward as possible, and an extra 42grams of lead at the very front of the battery tray. I might try and find a slightly larger battery and take out the weight, but she does fly nice with the setup for 5 minutes no problem. This made the CG a little bit nose heavy just in front of 80mm.

One thing I had to do before I maidened was replace one screw on each retract that attaches it to the wing. When the pin comes down if the strut does not rotate perfectly the pin would get stuck on the screw head. This caused the retract to lockup about halfway retracted. I wonder if this was happening to yours but the retract had enough power to push through causing the pin to slide out? I put in flat head screws and the further dremeled until it was nice a flat so that if I held the drug straight while retracting the pin would get caught on anything.

** Note for future reference, from RCGroups, a member was saying the pins that rotate the gear were loose, best keep an eye on that.

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