Dromida 1/18 Rally Car - RCGroups Review

The Dromida line of 1/18 scale RTR cars and trucks just keeps getting better! Mean Joe is back at it checking out the Rally Car. Let's take a look and see how this little beast stacks up!


A pint-size car that's not short on power!

Product:Dromida 1/18 Scale RTR Rally Car
Retail price:$169.99
Motor:5300kv brushless water-proof
Drive system:4x4
Batteries used:7.2v 1300mAh NiMH
Included radio system:2-channel 2.4GHz Dromida D100
Available from:Tower Hobbies

Dromida is fast becoming the king of 1/18 scale RTR racing. The Brushless Rally Car is no exception to this rule! This little beast hits speeds out of the box of 30+ mph.

With its rally-style looks and toughness, it's sure to become a head turner at your local track. Check it out!

What's in the Box? EVERYTHING!

The Dromida 1/18 scale Rally Car comes RTR and everything you need to get to racing is in the box.

It ships with the car, well-detailed controller, 7.2v 1300NiMH Battery Pack, and 4 AA batteries for the controller. So all that is needed to get going is to install the batteries in the controller, charge and install the pack, and your off.

There are a couple of cool things Dromida has done with this version that are worth pointing out. First, they have made the body height adjustable so that you can raise or lower it to suit your racing style and track conditions. And secondly, they have taken their NiMH charger and made it USB. These are a couple of features that are nice to see for a RTR racer at this price point.

The only thing that I noticed that could use a little more tweaking is the ride height. I would like to see it be able to be raised up just a little more to make more clearance on the track. I noticed that the front bottoms out quite a lot and this really slows down the Rally Car over series jumps. If they raised the body just a little and maybe put some more adjustable shocks on it, it would be a near perfect little racer. As it is its pretty dang good!

On the Track!

Review Video

Dromida 1/18 Rally Car - RCGroups Review (4 min 31 sec)

The first thing I want to say is that this little powerhouse is fast! I was getting 30+mph right out of the box. And this is with a NiMH pack! Dromida offers a lipo pack upgrade with this bad boy, but the only advantage I can see with that would be faster charge times. I can't see many people needing the upgrade to gain speed. As it is it's fast enough to be near uncontrollable on the track. Now if you are just planning on long straight runs with throttle control in the corners I am sure the lipo upgrade would be right up your alley! It's a total blast on the NiMh and the lipo upgrade would only increase that.

The controller has dual rate adjustments so that you can dial back the throttle and steering to make it more docile for those just getting into the RC car hobby. I tested these features out and they really made it so that you can grow as you go with this setup. I can see this, at this price point and quality, becoming a go-to car for anyone wanting to get started with the hobby, while at the same time having enough speed and features to keep even the experienced drivers happy and having a blast.

The on the track performance of this little beast is truly amazing. It corners great and has all the speed it needs to stay out front. It handles the jumps pretty good and after some practice laps, we had it screaming around the track with the big boys. And on the straight runs could actually outrun some of the bigger cars on the track! Awesome!

In Closing

In closing, I have to say that the Dromida 1/18 scale Rally Car is a total blast! With its quality build and speed, I can see it quickly becoming a mainstay at the track. Whether you're looking for a basher or an all out micro racer, you can't go wrong with the Dromida Rally Car. It has all of the features serious racers look for in a RTR, and at this price point, it just can't be beat! Now get out there and grab yours today! ~Mean Joe

Shout Outs

I wanted to give a couple of quick shout outs! First thanks to Scott H. for coming out and helping with the filming and testing, and thanks to Hardwoods Raceway in Ithica Mi. for letting Mean Joe come out and play!

More Info

For more info check out these links!

Dromida Rally Car

Hardwoods Raceway

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Feb 02, 2017, 10:17 AM
Registered User
Habanero's Avatar
Theses are a lot of fun. I play with my sons when he's not around but don't tell him !
Feb 06, 2017, 09:17 PM
Registered User
gassprint1's Avatar
think they came out with these since losi discontinued theres a year or so ago. these look like they are more adjustable and made better.
Feb 08, 2017, 11:48 PM
Registered User
There's something about these, they're just fun!
Feb 13, 2017, 12:14 AM
The Mad Titan
DC1138's Avatar
I ordered a brushed version of the Touring Car this weekend from Tower as they have it on sale for $79.99. I added a few things to my order to get up to $99 and was able to use a $15 off $99 for an $85 order with free shipping. I'm looking forward to trying it out.
Feb 26, 2017, 12:00 PM
The Mad Titan
DC1138's Avatar
Got my brushed touring car in. Man, this thing is awesome! I'm surprised how fast it is and can see why the brushless may be somewhat uncontrollable at top speed. I also got about 20 minutes out of the 1300mah NiMH pack which is great. Lots of fun.
Feb 26, 2017, 12:21 PM
Registered User
Habanero's Avatar
Originally Posted by DC1138
Got my brushed touring car in. Man, this thing is awesome! I'm surprised how fast it is and can see why the brushless may be somewhat uncontrollable at top speed. I also got about 20 minutes out of the 1300mah NiMH pack which is great. Lots of fun.
Yeah I saw a video review of the prior version and someone was complaining about battery time- its a non issues both versions come with a battery that is more than adequate for decent run times.

I turned down the throttle controller on my rally brushless so in speed it matches the brushed version for my son (I switched out the bodies too so the touring car is the faster one). Both are a blast.
Feb 27, 2017, 12:29 PM
The Mad Titan
DC1138's Avatar
Yeah, the throttle (even with the d/r turned down) does seem a little touchy at first, but you get used to it. I can't imagine how fast the brushless version is with the lipo.

One thing I've noticed after running it just two times is that the super sticky tires (great for grip) are going to wear down really quickly. I'll need to get another pair or two for back-up.

Do you have any of the other Dromida cars/trucks? This one is so fun, I'm thinking about getting one of their off road vehicles (monster truck perhaps)?
Feb 28, 2017, 05:48 PM
Registered User
I have a dromida mt 4.18 bl truck that I need some advice on. Can I post my question on this thread as I think the car and truck share the same innards.
Feb 28, 2017, 08:26 PM
The Mad Titan
DC1138's Avatar
I've only had my car for about a week, but ask away, nothing to lose I suppose.
Mar 01, 2017, 11:28 AM
Registered User
I bought it for my grandson. It has worked well up until this past Saturday. He brought it out to our house and we drove around the driveway. He and a friend were driving it, then cane in and said it didn't go fast any more. I out in a fresh battery and indeed it barely crawls across the floor. If I prop it up so the wheels spin free and go full throttle it seems as though the wheels are spinning as fast as they should, when I put it on the floor it is very slow even with full throttle. I have gone through the esc set up several times and that all seems good. I opened and looked in both front and rear gear cases and they are free of debris and working smoothly. I am an airplane guy so cars are new to me but, I can't find anything that explains why it went from normal running to barely moving.
There isn't much to examine or check on so I need the help and advice of more knowledgeable folks on this one.
Another thing perhaps related-- It is supposed to be 4 wheel drive, when held up and throttle applied the right front wheel and rear left are the only 2 turning. Should not all 4 wheels be turning? All 4 have a shaft going into the gear case front and rear.
Mar 01, 2017, 02:21 PM
The Mad Titan
DC1138's Avatar
I'm assuming you checked all of the transmitter settings? Dual rates and trim to make sure he didn't change something by accident? If he turned the dual rates on the throttle all the way down as well as the throttle trim, it could make the car unusable I would think.
Mar 01, 2017, 02:44 PM
Registered User
He's 8 so he loves to turn both the trim and D/R knobs. I have checked both and have tried running it with any of the knobs from one extreme to the other with no change in the behavior of the car.
Mar 01, 2017, 03:19 PM
Registered User
Assuming you have checked all of the gears I would remove the two wheels that are not moving when the vehicle is in the air and see if there is anything binding them. Be careful not to over tighten the wheel nuts when putting it back together as this will also bind the wheels.
Mar 01, 2017, 03:20 PM
Registered User
The other thing to check, and this might be "I'm not that stupid" comment so sorry if it is but have you checked that it hasn't lost dogbones?

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