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XNOVA Color XTS-4525 Motors

XNOVA looks to be bringing some customization to your XTS-4525 motors...


XNova has some new colors for the XTS-4525 motors

I noticed today that XNova has a little variety in one of their most popular motors. The XTS-4525 is one of the most popular electric motors for helicopters in the 650-700 class range and now you can add a pop of color to them. The photo shows a few new anodized colors and of course the famous Tareq Alsaadi has a finger in this, but what else would you expect from the king of 3D.

The colors do not change the performance of the motor, it will just give you a customization level that has yet to be seen in the industry. Now you can look forward to the new colors coming out that match your special canopy as well as your unique taste. The Xnova XTS-4525 colors have been tested on the new Goblin Black Thunder 650 and 700.

Click here for more information when these are released.

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