RCGroups Live! EagleTree, Diatone, Horizon Hobby, RMRC and more!

The RCGroups crew is back together to discuss all things RC! Joins us as we go over topics of the week.

Splash !The RCGroups team is together again to discuss all things RC! Each week on Thursday at 2 PM CST the RCGroups team does a live broadcast on Youtube. To be a part of our live video and chat all you need to do is subscribe to our Youtube channel. Let's take a look at the topics we go over in the live broadcast this week. @9705376 @9705377 @9705378 !Watch!
RCGroups Live! We Discuss - a P51, the Theory W FPV Wing, Strix FPV Planes (1 hr 4 min 56 sec)
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