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Sep 21, 2017, 03:08 PM
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It's a 2X4 along the bottom of the cradle with a layer of foam on top.
I never took picture of the cradle, will do tonight or as soon as I can ....I bought my soling in 2001 or 2 .... don't remember exactly, build the cradle almost right away (as soon as the boat was done) and everything (boat and cradle) has held up pretty well until now.
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Sep 21, 2017, 04:32 PM
Po' boys does w/ Po'boys ways
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Originally Posted by gio06226
I added a keel support, so that the boat is held along 3 points/areas, two on the hull and one along the bottom of the keel

One thing I would change in most designs is adding some sort of rudder protection, but that's a general observation.
Understand, this is the reason many skippers store their boats with removable keels taken off, Right,?? A couple of members had dropped their SW and the shock cause the pocket to crack badly (I'm ONE of those,!!) My thought to leave it unsupported ,.... (which is a good idea to support it your way,!), was to avoid any shock transfer and smash the keel up into the hull if dropped. It was secured NOT to move any side or fore n aft as it was only intentended to be a one time ship cradle that I knew would be in good hands being transported by a club mate. The recipient liked it so much HE decided to give it an after life,!!! Of course it can always be better adapted to his needs or dressed up as much as he pleases, it was all scrap stuff I had on hand for economics reasons hence it's raw state here. I did use a curve gauge to get the correct hull shape at the end plates + 1 inch for the wrapped hull packaging. ( the Rudder was already out when I got the boat so packaged "as is") That 1 inch diff can be taken up w/a pool noodle or pipe insulation to cushion the contact points. and a keel support as you've done added. Glad Ya'll like it,!!! Good Luck with what ever you decide Bigg's,!!!! Tim aka Cap'n Hax P.S. I have 1:1 patterns for curve cuts if anyone wants them P.M. me your E-address n you can print n trace actual what I done.
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Sep 22, 2017, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by BiggsDarkLighter
Gio, you have any example pictures on the keel support?

I really like that one Hax! Two bits of wood hanging down would be enough to shield the rudder. Space far enough apart to allow a turned one to fit.

This is my version of the soling cradle:
Sep 22, 2017, 11:12 PM
Po' boys does w/ Po'boys ways
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Originally Posted by gio06226
This is my version of the soling cradle:
SWEET job on the cradle,!! I "quoted"your thread so as not to "bury" it under my admiration comment post til the intended Bigg's could get a chance to SEE it HIMSELF as he had asked for it,!!! Bigg's check out Gio's post #78 here,!! Tim aka Cap'n Hax
Sep 25, 2017, 02:37 PM
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Alrighty, well according to some insider information I have , safe transporting of these babies is KEY... And it also seems that even when practicing safe methods, sometimes it isn't enough...

I think boats like the Affinity and the DF65, can be transported with much less, effort. The durability on them is high, compared to size, weights and costs. If damage did occur, a new hull or keelbox won't break the bank or take a lot of effort to repair. They are also small enough to get around a lot of the issues in transport too. But once boat size starts to go up, weights go up and durability likely goes down.

A good example of the damage bad transporting can do, is my "Mystery Boat." (Although, this could just as easily be bad building and wear and tear too... )

Gio,, I had actually envisioned something a little... more. And I am thinking more might be even better!!! What I am seeing is a board coming up at maybe a 45 degree angle with a fitted slot cut into it to hold the keel partially from underneath, but mostly from side to side. Due to the bulge on the bottom of Soling keel, this would be a little tricky to do and let the boat still easily pull out of the cradle from above.

Whatever the final outcome, I need to make a cradle to safely transport the Soling. With the amount of effort it will take to make it, I might as well do just a little more, and make it usable for a workstation too. I think this would be easy to do, just by making the tool and drawer sections removable with wing nut attachments. I just need to plan it out so that I can make the tool and parts sections reusable and quickly movable from one cradle to another. I also think that the original idea of simply a removable support cradle and a prebuilt base, isn't a good idea. With the center sections individual to each boat, they do not need the "tool base" to store the boat. Or to transport two boats at once. Another problem this solves is trying to find a "middle ground" size for the base section that will fit anything from small boats to large ones. Or deep fins like the DF65, and shallow keels like the Dawn. Instead, each cradle section is built to balance and support that specific boat with no compromises.

And all of this still requires more work to get done to the workshop first... It is slowly getting there, but I am still at the "loosing storage space" stage of the process. Right now the rolling table saw workstation is basically unusable, due to being piled up as storage for all my woodworking tools.

I am not sure what the best step to do next is... But I will likely start with putting together some of the cabinets and storage cubes I cut out. While I would accomplish more with putting the panel back up, and putting up the slats, I have to go get replacement materials now. I need to eliminate some of the clutter on hand first. If I layout, laser, and mark where the slats will go, I can secure the cabinets temporarily to the wall, and keep those holes out of sight later on. They need to just be temporarily attached, since they will go on the workbench wall once that one is sorted out and the old cabinets removed.

And none of this sounds like much fun right now... I think I will go sailing instead right now! I see the trees moving outside! Or I could go be responsible and go fix the roof that is leaking from the hurricane...
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Sep 25, 2017, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by BiggsDarkLighter

Gio,, I had actually envisioned something a little... more. And I am thinking more might be even better!!! .........
Oh, that's easy then, very easy. You don't need to think too much, just download the plans for the building jig, (my cradle is just the middle section - lightened) ..... You Can also add a lid (if you raise the sides a little).

Make it out of 3/4 ply (like the plan) and it's basically bullet proof, the boat cannot move, its designed to allow the bot to be dropped in to align the keel and pick the boat up with the keel ...... I just took the middle section because the whole thing is quite bulky .... And I managed to borrow the crate from a club member ....
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Sep 27, 2017, 11:09 PM
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Craigs list finds for a work shop space


I feel your pain and I am about where you are as far as running out of space. If I don't put everything away after every project, then I can't find stuff when I need it,, and it wastes too much time looking for whatever it was that I needed.

I have a few ideas that might help a bit.

First one is look on Craig;s list in your area in the FREE section and see if anyone has an old metal shed that they want moved. This is about the cheapest way to get some "free" materials that can be taken apart and re=assembled on your property.

These deals do come up from time to time and if you have more time than money, they might be a good deal for you.

Might have to rent a U haul or borrow a trailer to haul everything to your place, but then you can work on it at your leisure, and there is very little investment needed.

A lot depends on what part of the world you live in and how cold it gets where you are, how much snow etc.

Some other things that might work are "flipper top tables" and French cleat storage panels that are mounted vertically on the wall about 3" apart.

These panels are hinged to the wall on the long edge and can be flipped open left to right and turned like the pages of a book.

This gives about 3 or 4 times the storage surface area you would have for just flat storage on a flat wall.

You can make the panels 2. by 4 feet tall and mount any number of them you want.

Also look up the term "French cleats" on one of the wood working sites and see the possibilities there. Could be better than peg board because it lets you mount most anything on a custom "hook" or shape the cleat to fit the tool itself. The French cleats also look a lot better than all the pegboard wires sticking out and falling on the floor when you go to unhook whatever tool it is that you need.
Sep 30, 2017, 05:22 PM
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Disclaimer: Much of this is fairly boring clarifications of the build ideas for the shop and already mentioned throughout the thread. This is more for working through own my ideas than of great interest to everyone else. Still, MUCH THANKS to those who are adding to these ideas!!! Every idea gives me thoughts to approach something differently, or at least makes me think and solidify my own ideas more!

Originally Posted by Tillerman6

I feel your pain and I am about where you are as far as running out of space. If I don't put everything away after every project, then I can't find stuff when I need it,, and it wastes too much time looking for whatever it was that I needed...
X 100!!! Tillerman6, first off welcome to the thread! EXACTLY the very same problem I suffer from. My automotive tools are mostly under control now, as my big box is back and reorganized. I also have a new portable Pelican 0450 "F.O.D." Toolbox that will clear out a couple drawers in my big box, making more room for other items. When finished there, every tool not woodworking related (or RC related) will be in those two boxes.

Second, check out this post from earlier!

Originally Posted by BiggsDarkLighter
...This morning started out with a garage with nothing on the floor! Or on the wall... ...
Your idea of the French Cleats is brilliant, and already the main plan lol! Although while I have made quick mentions of it several times throughout the thread, I really haven't put much actual discussion out here about it. I mentioned posting pictures of a setup that inspired me to begin with, but to this date I still haven't found them again.

The reason to put the 3/4" ply on the walls is solely for setting up a sturdy base for the cleat system. Well it looks better too, but I don't need to use 3/4" ply for just looks! In post #63, there is a pano of the workshop, with a few differences pretty much how it looks now. My big orange toolbox is back home again, and the smaller orange cart front left went to work. Cabinets on the left hand side are gone, and that space is opened up a lot. That will stay as my more "industrial" looking wall dedicated to just automotive tools.

In the future, the back wall will loose the old brown cabinets and the attic bump out above them. I can't afford to loose any more storage space until I get the wall to the right actually storing things though...

Here is what I LOVE about a French Cleat system. The cabinets I am putting up on the right wall, can be moved to the back wall where I want them, once that wall is done. And it takes me just a few minutes to do so too. I can rearrange and change organization ideas as I go along, with minimal extra work. I do need to figure out a way to secure the cabinets better than just the cleats, but I have some thoughts that wouldn't involve more screw holes...

I like the flipper table ideas, but don't really have the space to pull that off. Or likely have enough woodworking tools to bother either. Most of my woodworking tools are simply bulky power tools. For those I have that rolling workstation/cart on the right side for the table saws (although it is likely getting shortened 18"). I am building another smaller modular cart (from the cutoff 18") that the chop saw can fit on, or change it out with a drill press station, bandsaw station, scroll saw station, etc etc. These stations will be smaller and can be clipped to the cleat system and "stacked" in a corner or something.

In the front right side of the garage you can see my refrigerator, that short wall is likely where I will store these stations. I have better plans for the refrigerator. It will go in the back left corner above my air compressor, building a "silencer" box for the compressor. The compressor isn't very powerful, but it is enough to run an air gun or stapler with ease. Or I move the compressor refrigerator slightly down the left wall, and use that corner for storing taller boards and the like.

The plan is for all my hand tools like chisels and such, to get put on the back wall in reach of the workbench. Leaving most of the right wall as storage space for boats, supplies, and the power tool stations.

P.S. The hardest part of this is getting a complete enough picture of the final outcome, and figuring out a way to get there. Almost everything requires loosing more space right now, to get to a point where I can start adding it back in. A contractor buddy just came by to sort out some repairs needed to the house after the storm, and also hammer out some ideas for the workshop. He is going to give me some help out here. And I think I have some ideas now of a few smaller chunks I can attack that will get me better organized right now!
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Oct 01, 2017, 02:24 AM
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Made some good progress! The workbench is at least usable.
Feb 14, 2018, 01:30 AM
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Well, I have had some time to devote to the workshop and FINALLY getting major progress! I have moved my tool cart back home temporarily due to being fired from my job... I needed space. I have been staring at the attic "bump out" over the workbench for months. Looking around the workshop, almost everything that has cluttered it up is bulky stuff I need in safe storage, but not necessarily quick access. So I decided to use the whole space up there for a storage shelf. I lose the ability for a really tall boat rigged sitting on the workbench (like originally planned), but I can come up with another solution later.

The first part of the job went easy. I tore out the outer wall, then framed in a new one. The new wall basically extends the current back wall all the way up. Then a small disaster hit as I loaded the shelf up. While I was up on it... Yep, snapped in half. Ladder went flying with me dangling off the shelf and nobody around. Not a big surprise. I should have scarfed the cut beams and put in more braces first. I was just in a hurry to get stuff off the floor and was planning to tackle that a little later. Later became sooner...

Used a laser level to get the shelf braced back. Then I tore out a bunch of badly done cross beams in the way of scarfing the main beams back together. Those repairs cost me an extra day. No good pictures of the new braces to the roof, but there are three now.

And almost everything that was cluttering up the shop and in the way is now up on the new shelf. So time to make a bigger mess. I tore the old cabinets down. I threw out almost half of what was in them. Unfortunately, the rest is cluttering the shop back up again, but hopefully not for too long. The mess behind the cabinets was pretty frightening. But it was expected.

The wiring is the worst part. I popped the breaker 4 times with the light switch. So that was a priority tonight. Its all back together and the switch is nicely mounted. The rest of the wiring is still a bit scary, but it will get sorted out shortly. I am definitely going to be adding in at least 2-3 more outlets. There has never been enough.

My big X-Acto case got damaged in the mayhem. It should be an easy fix though...

It feels a LOT less crowded around the workbench with the cabinets gone and a lot more open. Even with the current mess. I will be walling in the air compressor hidden to the left of the bench. And as planned, the refrigerator will sit above that. I am thinking I will also be using the rest of the space above that for some bookshelves.

P.S. I know this thread isn't popular with everyone here in the sailboat forum, and for that, I apologize. To me, everything about these sailboats is very zen. From sailing them and especially building them. My workshop though has always been a stopping factor to that enjoyment. And I still think a "boatshop" has some unique requirements to it that other RC Disciplines don't have. Mostly vertical space!
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Feb 14, 2018, 01:48 AM
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Hi Brother,! Lookin good,! "I can see clearly now the lites are on"(rain is gone),!! scabbed from a song along time ago,!! See I told Ya you shoulda let me move in before you electrocute yourself,!!! Sorry to hear about the loss of income though, kindda Xplains Lucy why we ain't been seein nothing from you on your threads,! Wish you the best the good lord can provide for you n I'll catch ya later,!! Tim aka Cap'n Hax
Feb 14, 2018, 09:11 AM
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Looks like you've done a lot of re-organizing-got to make you feel better. Sorry to hear about the work problem! You've got the enthusiasm and imagination to do a lot of good stuff-like your little foiler-looking forward to hearing more about your projects.
Good Luck!
Feb 14, 2018, 12:16 PM
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Thank you guys! The work situation should resolve itself quickly. I interview well and there is NEVER a lack of work available as a mechanic. Honestly, at the moment, I am trying to decide what offer to take, while holding out a little longer to see if an even better fit comes onto the playing field! Yeah plus kinda enjoying the mini work vacation.

Reorganization is definitely helping, and the tool cart will be out of the workshop soon too. Biggest thing is to take my time with the "remodel" so that I am 100% happy with every step taken. I don't want to have to redo anything later on or feel like I could have done it better. Or should have done it differently. Right now my next hurdle is getting a solid plan in place for the refrigerator and air compressor cabinet. For some synchronicity, I am thinking to style that like I built the rolling workstation-cart. That will probably get tackled this afternoon/evening.

I am hoping to also find half an hour to actually go play in the pond. I still haven't gotten a chance to run the little foiler in its stock form!
Feb 20, 2018, 02:06 AM
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Well, I have come to the conclusion that I am NOT a finish carpenter... Lots of little gaps and imperfections here and there... But lots more progress has been made!

It doesn't look like a lot, but the area for the refrigerator is built in now. It was actually a few day ordeal to get it sorted out and built. I haven't gotten around to soundproofing the lower air compressor section yet, or even sealing it off. Currently, the compressor is down for repairs anyways. On the right side of the fridge, I have space for some narrow shelves. I haven't decided what I want to use that space for yet but leaning towards setting it up for my drills, batteries, and chargers. Probably use it for some of my drill bits and driver storage if there is any room left.

I repaired the X-Acto case and temporarily mounted it up on the wall out of the way. I don't think that will be the final location though. Still thinking I want to French Cleat the whole wall back there. So it might get mounted on cleats if I do. The X-Acto sets are some of the only tools that always stay in the same locations on my bench though... So if I find the perfect spot, the case might permanently be mounted.

Matthias Wandel actually recommends mounting the holders directly to the wall and did away with his French Cleat system... One of several issues he had with the French Cleat system, was the 45-degree groove is a catch-all for junk and sawdust. Unfortunately, I don't think I have a clear enough plan yet to take that route. I would also like an open space in the middle where I can quickly mount a couple boat holders for my "in progress" boats to get them safely off the workbench. I have some ideas and solutions I am pondering, but pretty sure most of the wall will be set up with cleats. I have too many little things I would want to move closer to my workspace when I need them, but put up out of the way the rest of the time.

So lots of little ideas to work through now, but I think the hardest part of the build is done!
Feb 20, 2018, 07:52 AM
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Nice fan. I remember sticking my finger in there as a kid.

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