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Jan 27, 2017, 07:57 PM
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The part off the Harbor Freight belt sander should fit. The only possible difference would be the size of the tapped hole. And considering the funky tensioner knob is specialized, and identical, I suspect the holes will be the same. So I downloaded the HF manual. I now have a reference number to call their parts line and try to get just that one piece.

Picking up a sander just for extra parts, might not be out of the question either.
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Jan 30, 2017, 09:07 PM
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Well the call to Harbor Freight support was a bust. No parts available. I will likely just go pickup one of their sanders and use it for the needed part. They have a nice disk belt sander combo too, but it is pretty spendy at $89... It is also a clone of the older Dremel version (model 731 if memory serves). And also has the same part on it. Whatever, I will figure something out. I just need to get this sander operational.

My neighbor has a hand held belt sander he is donating to the cause. That will do nicely for smoothing the pallet walls down some.

Got the new drawing done and a basic floor plan laid out. She wants me to do it up a little more into a man cave and have some extra "crash" space for our friends if ever needed. Or if she tosses me out lol. Staring at the drawings, and going to have to change the inside layout a bit. I was going to use 4' for the garden tools storage section. But if I do that, no room for a couch or hammock. So, going to go back to original plan and reuse half of one of the existing sheds, and attack it to the back wall. I will have to redo the roofline, but thats easy.

I will use the space above for loft storage.

I dropped the roofline down a foot in the back to 8' for better use of materials, and down to 12' in the front. I need to go out into garage and verify that will be enough height though against the Mystery Boat. And because of the materials I am using being SUPER strong, plywood exterior sheeting and pallet wall planking, I might switch from 16" stud centers to 24" centers. Been staring at many shed designs, and every one that stated it, was 24". About 36 studs for 16", and 24 for 24" spacing. A $36 savings. But then insulation needs to be considered too and rolls are spaced at 16" I think... Okay a quick look shows me that both widths are readily available, and price is identical too.

I will add the new drawings in a little bit.
Feb 04, 2017, 12:32 AM
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SUPER frustrated tonight. The garage/workshop is such a mess again, I can barely walk through it. It was cleaned to near perfection, less than 2 weeks ago. Had a couple wrenching jobs here at the house last week. Hurt my shoulder really badly at work, and was out all of January. And had already been on a reduced workload for the past six months or so. It is making more sense to swap my work and home boxes around. And swapping my home box with my work boxes, solves ALL my tool storage issues. Basically EVERYTHING automotive related (except my floor jack and some ramps) will perfectly fit into my two work boxes.

Making my tool bill payments past month or so has been difficult too. I just got last years payments summary, and didn't like the numbers I saw. If I end up on even short term disability, I would be in trouble. I may cut the workshop build budget down to $300, and dump EVERYTHING else into paying off my tool bills. $300 is almost impossible, but if I bypass a building permit and just "reframe" a shed... It could be manageable with some recycled materials.

My neighbor and his wife came over to help me brainstorm tonight. And we came up with a few ideas to increase the current storage space in the garage. One idea would be almost free, and DOUBLE my garage junk storage space, and move it ALL off the floor and out from the workbenches. There is a 13' wide by 3' deep portion of the attic that I can't really use out of the attic space. All I have to do to use it, is take off a sheet of plywood, move it back the 3' that my inside wall is, and reseal it. Might cost me a sheet of plywood and a 2x4, tops. Its not the easiest space to access from inside the garage, but it is manageable, especially for stuff not frequently used. Lol, I already have a rope hoist hanging up there I could use too...

A smaller workshop outback (Like I originally planned anyways) could work, if the current space is better utilized and fixed. So thats my project for the weekend and next week. Moving it all around and getting ready to swap tool boxes around. Dumping EVERYTHING not truly useful or needed. Making access to the storage space above the garage. And reorganizing everything down into the one shed. If need be, I can move stuff from the garage into the other temporarily too.

I hate reorganizing. Especially when the existing space is just broken and already way too small... Maybe we can still get the garage space fixed well enough to just use it. Not holding my breath for that one though...
Feb 04, 2017, 01:12 AM
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That is absolutely one of the coolest and cleanest workshops I have EVER seen! Like way too bright and clean for me LOL! Take that and make it darker with a century of grime in a shop only half a century old, and thats the vintage look I am going for haha! But wow what a PROPER boat shop!!! And that tool cabinet is just gorgeous too!
Feb 04, 2017, 03:17 AM
W Kuhns
BillKuhn's Avatar
Mine is a dungeon. Lol
Feb 07, 2017, 04:29 PM
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I am going for an "bright, airy dungeon" for mine! There will be lots of dark wood, or well whatever color the old pallets end up being. Not sure if I will stain or not. But I want that old look to the inside.... Also discovered an AWESOME way to do the upper wall sections. Using translucent corrugated plastic sheets. They will let in a lot of light. Although would also partially negate the insulation... Might go for cheaper (and likely lighter) styrofoam if I do this.

The long awaited check has arrived! Was not really enough to solve my tool bill dilemma. And was less than expected by almost 1/3rd too... So I licked my wounds with some retail therapy.

I got a Dremel 580 new in box on its way too me. That was a lot more expensive than a full sized table saw would have been. But more suited to use in the "Hobby Workshop." I also picked up a RC car I have wanted for years, but we won't talk about that.

CRAZY idea that is kinda expensive, but I think still doable within my new budget..... Building the workshop on a 8x10 trailer!!! I bypass ALL the building permit issues, and also don't loose my workshop if I move. Kinda a nutty idea, but in the end would only cost me $200-400 more when you subtract the building permit and inspection fees. It could easily be setup semi-permenent, remove tires and set on the existing pad. With only a few hours needed to get it rolling. Granted, I have nothing to tow it with. But any move would involve a U-Haul anyways.

I loose the ability to build bigger than the trailer footprint. But then the original plan was for 7.5' x 10' workshop. I might go lower on the roof , but the roof and top half will be very light anyways. Best part is, I could, in theory, wait on the trailer part until later. Would be harder to lift onto a trailer after the fact, but doable.

I am REALLY liking this idea. No, the cost to build the workshop isn't so high that I need to be able to move it if we do move. But the woman does threaten to sell the house and move to the hills every few months. Eventually, I think she will actually do it. So why bother? It is the time and energy put into the space. That means a lot more to me. The pallet walls and the french cleat system will take a lot of effort to do. And well it is a way to thumb the man too LOL!

Drawbacks? Smaller size. And for the amount of money spent on the trailer, I could double the space.

But bonus again, I don't necessarily HAVE to get the trailer part now, if I build the bottom smart. And with the budget being cut down, doing it this way also gives me a LOT more breathing room with the available funds.

What do you guys think, good/bad idea?

Really leaning towards doing it this way.... In fact, I can pick up a decent 8x10 trailer for $600 right now.
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Feb 09, 2017, 12:42 PM
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MASSIVE progress in the garage re-do last night. Not sure if I will get my other toolbox picked up and moved in today, but trying to make that happen. A coworker and I managed to load up my tool cart into the shop van, bring it here, and took my larger cart from here back to the shop yesterday. It is large enough to work out of.

I don't know if the reorganization will save the garage workshop yet... Currently my main workbench is piled to the point of not only being unusable, but unsafe. I need to move my boats and transmitter out of the garage for the time being before another one gets crushed by falling, fans... I am going to be loosing the other workbench I normally pile stuff on. And the "standing workbench" is also covered. But the shelves underneath it are now organized at least. I need to get....

Blah blah. My garage sucks. I think it is hopeless, but i am trying at least.

The garage "refit" will be almost free. And as said before, it has to be sorted out first before deciding on pulling the trigger on building a new workshop. If I don't move forward with building the back workshop, then I will be spending some more effort and money on the garage to make it look a lot nicer and flow better.

Having my toolboxes from work here, should at least keep my automotive related disasters in check. But even pulling half of the stuff out of there last night, and it is still barely manageable to just maneuver around....

I really don't think I have the space for a dual purpose garage workshop...
Feb 10, 2017, 01:28 AM
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Well the garage efforts went well today! I am maybe 25% of the way through the reorganization. But I put more away (and threw out), more than I put back into boxes on the floor. And now I can move my big toolbox in soon as I can get it over. I have the old blue workbench sitting back in that spot. But it will take less than 5 minutes to slide things out of the way to put the toolbox into there.

I found out why the cabinet above my main workbench looks bowed. It is broken and pulling out of the wall. Annoying, and it will have to come down costing me a LOT of storage space in the process.

But there is some hope. Things got sorted and put away enough, that I was able to see some ideas that would work. If I open up the space above into the attic, I can get everything out from underneath the standing workbench. Then that workbench can go bye-bye. Replace with a simple black pipe bench tall enough to roll things underneath. I can have a rolling cart with a flip table for a planer, jointer swap. And a non rolling lighter table that I can setup for wither the table saw, or a center of the shop workstation.

If I can get it to the point where there is a specific spot for it all, and nothing on the floor, then maybe I can make this garage work. I hate organization disasters... I will take a new pano once it is, presentable. Also the drawings for the back workshop renderings are missing. Likely buried on my workbench.

I tossed out two 55 gallon cans of random stuff today... I was pretty brutal.
Feb 20, 2017, 10:26 PM
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The Tools and The "Plan"

The garage reorganization is going very well! I am 75% of the way done with the first organization phase of it. My toolboxes are moved in. Old tool cart and workbench moved out. And almost everything is almost sorted and dumped into boxes. I have an hour or two more and the floor will be cleared. Not sure how long it will take to reorganize the things from the boxes back into proper locations. The work cart box is mostly unfilled and just a random holder of junk at the moment. It needs to be organized. My big toolbox is pretty well organized, but in the process of small reconfigurations for home use.

The plan is simple. I have a cabinet in the garage pulling away from the wall. It is going to have to come down. When it does, I loose a lot more storage space. But I have no option. So I HAVE to do garage repairs and come up with new storage solutions.

Instead of building a new workshop and blowing the whole budget on that alone, I am rebuilding the garage instead. This has freed up funds to purchase some real woodworking tools. Since those will be needed to build cabinets and other stuff for the garage anyways...

So far we have:
Dremel 580 table saw (new! Was still in the box!)
Dremel Model A palm sander (very vintage)
Dremel Model 2 rotary tool (very vintage)
Milwaukee cordless M12 rotary tool (purchased new a few years back)

For the heavier woodworking projects...
Delta Belt Sander 31-050 (Unsed for $28, currently broken)
Central Machinery Belt Sander (new) identical to Dremel except for colors and likely quality of bearings and motor.... Undecided if I will just use for parts, or what.
Generic Drill Press (new, identical to Central Machinery press except with a laser)
Delta 22-555 13 in. Portable Thickness Planer (new and STILL in the box)
Delta 36-6010 10" Jobsite / Portable Table Saw (new, and still in the mail)
Delta 28-185 8-Inch Bench Band Saw At least I think it is this model.... (used for $107 shipped!!!!!)

Other considerations.
A Delta jointer is a possibility. But probably not an immediate purchase. Unsure on this one.
There is a 12" Delta Drill press available locally for $75. Tempting. But then would be selling the other press.

Space is a big concern. So most of the above tools are purchased for their small footprints. The table saw I will likely make some sort of cabinet for. Most of the rest will get similar treatments with the idea of everything being rollable, or otherwise easily movable.

As for the rest of the plan, the pallet idea wall has been KILLED, mostly. I had a pile of pallets collected at work and tore into them yesterday. The amount of effort simply isn't worth the payout. The quality of the wood was horrible. I broke down three though and will run them through the planer and see. But I think they will just be used elsewhere in the garage. Slicing them up with a s circular saw would be easy work, but loose some length. I have some other spots where I can use them though.

But the time required to do that, means using them somewhere that doesn't need to be built and finished up immediately. Maybe I will use them to finish the ceiling instead.

The walls. They are an ugly, and unusable pain. I am going to cover the back wall and right side wall with 3/4" ply and then french cleats. The right wall may get full cleat coverage. The back wall will be dedicated for the main workbench, and start above the bench. The standing workbench on the right wall, will probably go bye-bye too. I am not sure if I will replace it with anything directly.

I have some problems to sort out and solve. I will post those up soon, and maybe a new panoramic of the setup. I am off into the shop to try and get the last of the junk cleared out and out for the trash tomorrow.

Oh, dust collection system. I HAVE to build one. Turns out wood dust, sets my allergies off BAD. I spent several hours out in the shop last night, doing actual building!!! I got to use several of my new and vintage tools and discovered, my Dremel scroll saw can't happily cut 3/4" thick oak. The Harbor Freight sander was up to task of sanding it, but needs extra care taken to align the table up. That may get traded out for the HF sander with the disc. It also cam with a pretty aggressive belt, and I wasn't motivated to change them.

But these are the easy problems solved with other tools already on their way.
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Feb 21, 2017, 12:23 AM
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This is now officially a "Boat Shop" build thread!

Yeah, I know this falls outside of "normal" discussions for this forum. But everyone's help here has been inspirational! And as mentioned in the beginning, we have a different set of requirements than most. While most of our tools are borrowed from full sized woodworking, we frequently get by BETTER with micro versions of those normal tools.

And for my own wants anyways, the shop layout differs greatly with height being an important consideration for larger sailboats. At the very least for storing them. Also while a normal woodshop has the center focus normally being a table saw, mine (I think) will be a movable workbench building station. This might be combined with a table saw station though.

Bill, I credit your shop and tool selection with my shift towards Delta as my main brand. It reminded me of using them in shop class in middle school, and how damn nice they felt. So far my Delta tools are either broken awaiting repairs, or still in boxes. Hopefully they will do me well though!

Besides, this is also becoming a great place to discuss some of the specialty tools and methods. I will be linking some of those other discussions back here too.
Feb 21, 2017, 02:53 AM
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Well didn't make much more cleaning progress, but the Delta belt sander is rebuilt now. It was a LOT louder than the Harbor Freight one was. Its bearings were shot, so I changed them out with the ones in the HF "remake". All the parts shaped over nicely. Due to age, some of the Delta parts didn't come apart easily, so I had to do some polishing to get it back together. The HF sander is now a spare parts pile.
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Feb 21, 2017, 06:42 PM
Po' boys does w/ Po'boys ways
haxawsnavy's Avatar

Vintage tools ?

Biggs, Sent you a PM. Tim aka Cap'n Hax
Feb 21, 2017, 09:51 PM
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Very cool thanks Cap'n Tim!

Oh and before I go, 'bout to post up some woodworking questions to any of you sawdust jockeys out there!

And another sidetone... The workshop is finally at the point of "sorta" usable. I am defiantly giving the new and vintage tools some use and trying to figure out how I can best use them. I also like the belt sander I have, but considering another different style version too. As I use this one, I see its limitations and where the other one would excel.
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Feb 21, 2017, 10:33 PM
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Workflow and Workbench Advice Needed!

Okay got a handful of little problems to solve, this will be the first one. Going to put them up one or two at a time. This problem/issue set is pretty important to solve before moving forward much, so starting with just it.

Originally, I was going to make a very simple black iron and butcher block movable workbench. I am kinda thinking to go a different way here, and make a rolling tool station/workbench combo. I want to get these things as close as possible to "right" to begin with, but don't have the woodworking experience to sort it out.

1) Is there a side of a table saw that is easier to use for a right handed person? Seems to me, the fence to the right of the blade, might be a little more natural.... The saw has an extendable table in that direction.

2) So the rolling tool station will have the saw installed so its table is flush with the top. I am thinking to mount it on one end to the right, so its offcut is the length of the tale. Does this sound like the best location in relation to the table?

3) Dust collection, should I build this INTO the rolling workbench?

I could devote a whole post JUST to that. And in fact, was writing out other thoughts on that and where to put it. But a larger dust collection system like the Harbor Freight setup for $200, just doesn't quite fit easily into my SMALL workshop. It is a 2hp motor, and I can pick up wet dry vacs for 1/4-1/2 the price, with double the hp. I will need to build a pre-vacuum vortex separator, and also need some sort of sound deadening cabinet for the vac.

The goal is to have most of the tools either store in the rolling workstation, or at least have bases that can be set into the workstation and then hooked up to the collector. The drill press is likely out of that running. It needs storage underneath it for its accessories. The planer may get a base that fits in also, but I suspect it gets used outside. Pretty sure it can't be hooked up to the collector. Still in the box, so don't know yet.

4) Workflow, do any of the tools need to be be in separate carts, so that they can be used at the same time? Or have small dedicated tables that can attach to the French Cleat system? Actually, a combination might work here. A table that slips into the workstation, and then attaches to the cleat for storage, or alternate use, could possibly work...

I would lean towards just running tools needing dust control/extraction on the rolling station. Things like the grinder and the Dremel scroll saw seem pointless to have there. Sorting out what and where to put the extraction system might be most important decision. The cart would need to be built around that setup.

I think I can fit both table saws on opposite ends, and then 1-2 tool stations on either long side.

Using this larger, but undedicated space, requires some special considerations and lots of careful planning. ALL input is very welcome, and wanted!
Feb 24, 2017, 01:24 AM
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Dust Collection: The POST!

Well I am still waiting on my Delta table saw... I though it was arriving today, nope it is NEXT Thursday. Everything else has arrived though. Well almost everything. I still need to figure out if I am adding emergency cut-off switches, or paddle/bump switches to the cart. Or, nothing. Paddle switches are expensive at $15 each. Mmm, found a little cheaper on Amazon. Anyways the round bump switches are only a few bucks each. Not sure they are really intended to be an on/off switch though like the paddle switches.

I think I am going to have 4 "stations" on the cart. I really like the idea of one emergency or paddle cut-off per station. Several of the tools, like the Dremel Scroll saw, are hard to manipulate and find the switch. The idea to use these comes from a need to use something to power the dust collection system on at the same time. I also want that to run for 5-10 seconds or so after the tool is powered off.

The dust collection system is going to be an experiment.... I am going to try a Thein separator for now, and have a cyclone on order from China. I plan on two cabinets for it. One side will fit a 5 gallon bucket with the separator on top, the other will be for the wet dry vacuum. I want that side large enough to upgrade the vacuum later on. Since we want quiet, I may go for one of the smaller ultra quiet vacs. For now, I got the Home Depot "bucket head" vacuum. Since the vac is right next to the tools and by doing so avoiding long pipe runs, I am hoping it will help the bucket head vacuum to be powerful enough.

It is a weird little vacuum, I kinda like it. I also have a "cyclone" Bissel vacuum sitting next to the stuff to go out for the trash. Staring at that and wondering if I can get some more life out of it....

A lot of thought about workflow is still needed. The bandsaw and drill press kinda need their own work station(s). Space restrictions might mean a single one with them mounted back to side. If the Buckethead Vac and Thein separator work well enough on their own, then adding a dust system into this cart would be cheap and easy.

I have an interesting though to go track down as I stare at this space....

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