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Jan 21, 2017, 08:00 AM
W Kuhns
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Dunno if you can go up there in fla. Due to hurricanes. Whatever you decide. I bet it will. Be terrific
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Jan 21, 2017, 02:21 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by malibu01
Hi Biggs, if finances permitted, I would go up. Build another storey and double your usable work area.
Going up, is EXACTLY the plan!!! If you look at the drawing carefully, the front is 13' tall. All the squares are representative of a foot. The loft will be small and its floor will be at 7' high, and go back 4' to the front edge of the "barn doors." I can move those back a foot too to get a 5' floor.

This gives me 6' of headroom at the front. 5' is more than enough, but the roof slopes. I am thinking 6' will compensate for that.

Some sort of bench or chair is another problem.... 4' is not a lot of wiggle room for a workbench and chair room. Access will be through a hole or hatch in floor to the outside close to barn doors. This will allow me to put a solid railing all the way across. Or even to make a bench seat. A bench seat would give me more ceiling room actually (I can take up more space rearward since the "floor" of bench can be ceiling below instead of floor of loft. If that makes sense), but might be more effort to get comfortable.

Another thought that could possibly work better, is two smaller workbenches up there. On the inside and outside walls instead of the front. Actually end up with 6" MORE of workbench that way too.

Originally Posted by BillKuhn
Dunno if you can go up there in fla. Due to hurricanes. Whatever you decide. I bet it will. Be terrific
That is one measurement, the height, and details of the plan, the loft, I will leave accidentally off the blueprints. I have that very same concern. So I will get it inspected without the loft built in, and the interior walls unfinished. Now because I want to go up, but the contractors that looked at the plans immediately said I needed to dig holes and set posts for a foundation. So looks like I can't get away from doing that. They said I could use hurricane anchors (like it has now) for prefab setup. but that those wouldn't cut it for this design. I am resigned to doing that.

Besides, the deck is being designed to look sorta like a dock. I might put a round posts in the front side corner and back rear corner.

It is a really crazy design. But if I build it, I think it will end up being the perfect shop. Only choice I REALY need to think about, is how wide to make it. Existing footprint, and current plan as drawn, is 7.5' wide and 10' deep. Neither direction gives me enough room to build the full sized Glen-L Squirt I want to build... I would need to make it 12' wide minimum. Although, I am also not sure I would want to build it inside the boat shop, even on a rolling thingy. That would cramp the space. The Squirt is 11' long with a 4'4" beam. It might be easier to make the deck/dock wider, or even possibly to build in the front garage, driveway.

But, a Squirt is still a pipe dream for now... Point being, the only reason I am limiting my current footprint idea to the 7'6" x 10,' is to reuse existing materials. And once I build it on a post/platform foundation, that need looses some relevance. Increasing to a 10x10 footprint, wouldn't really increase the cost. 12x10 would bump it up a bit though.

Anyways, as of the moment these are simply really cool ideas. Building this will put me out of the running and sidetrack ALL My projects for 1-2 months minimum. Also, I am not sure what the cost to build it will realistically be. That needs to get figured out and then go shopping/pricing materials. Even with my inheritance, I want to keep the budget for this LOW, or it quickly becomes hard to justify. I have an imagined limit of $1k to build the main structure, and don't want to spend more than 300-400 tops for workbenches and interior buildout. Even that is stretching my motivation to pull the trigger a little tight. So getting realistic numbers for materials will come next. With careful shopping, I think I can keep it below the targets. But I will start with pricing all new materials and then go from there seeing what I can scrounge up.

And I am not out sailing today, or cleaning and organizing sheds lol...
Jan 21, 2017, 03:09 PM
Po' boys does w/ Po'boys ways
haxawsnavy's Avatar
Biggs, I know you already have decided to go up but just my opinion I believe I was told It's always Cheaper to build up rater than out,! In a lot of the shops n warehouses I've worked in we always had a cantilever rack for stacking long materials on. They take up minimal floor footprint but also help to organize various sizes of stock as well .Can go as high as your ceiling limit (just load heavy low n lite High) Tim aka Cap'n Hax
Jan 22, 2017, 12:03 AM
Registered User
I actually had to Google that, no clue what you meant. I could build some of those with simple wood strips and angled dowel rods.... But, that is far in the future. First thing is well building the shop. No, first thing is costing it out. Wait, first thing is figuring out for sure how big, LOL! Then costing it, and then building it. And then after it is built, I need to figure out how much of a lizard issue I have. If it is sealed up better than the garage, I can store materials openly. Otherwise balsa and wood stuff will need to be stored in tubes. I do like the tubes idea. And I can get another one every week or two from work.

But, that idea can easily be used even if only on a smaller scale back on the pegboard/tool wall. Or some stored out ready to use near the front workbench. I really like that!!!

My neighbor and I were out in the garage sitting there yappin tonight. I pulled out a tape measure as we were staring at the shop drawing. WOW, the ceilings on the new shop are going to be high!!! I am thinking there is enough room there to not only store a big boat assembled, but to also do so while it is sitting on the workbench. YIKES!!! That is cool!

I am going to cost out at least two floor plans. I plan to cost the 7.5' x 10' plan, and the 12' x 10' plan. The larger floor plan will let me build the Squirt inside, or at least to push it inside. I also need to figure out if I could even fit a Squirt into the front garage. I think I can, but suspect I will have to remove the one workbench.
Jan 22, 2017, 01:22 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by haxawsnavy
...we always had a cantilever rack for stacking long materials on. They take up minimal floor footprint but also help to organize various sizes of stock as well ....
I just realized something staring at my second workbench, covered in Footy Sailboats. This is the PERFECT solution to storing boats!!!!!! A setup with adjustable dowels. I can now drill angled holes with perfect repeatability and depth control. Make maybe 4-6 or something strips of wood floor to ceiling drilled say every 6" and I have an adjustable storage solution for the little boats. Bigger ones could also be put on it I guess, but might need to make an actual cradle and use two holes or something to support the additional weight.

And it could also be used to store the tubes I keep materials in. Don't necessarily need to leave materials exposed to use the rack.

In fact, I may actually go ahead and make this idea up now. I am in dire need of a boat storage solution in my current space too. And I can easily make it unbolt, or just make another one later.

Anyone want to take a guess as to the perfect angle for storing boats?

Anyways these are the little gems of ideas I am looking for! Keep them coming guys!
Jan 22, 2017, 05:06 PM
Registered User
No shop is ever large enough - as any serious hobby will always expand to consume all available space! Fox
Jan 22, 2017, 07:28 PM
W Kuhns
BillKuhn's Avatar
Fully agreed especially over head. I made material holders out of pvc piping. Material like round brass stock any dowels etc. I have two two inch pipes and they hold tons of rods and dowels. I think you can see them in one of my photos. They are mounted on an angle on the side of my saw table. Easy way to store round long objects. Just another hint
Jan 22, 2017, 11:49 PM
Registered User
Good lord Fox, how many boats do you have stuffed into there?!?! I can't begin to count them....

Yeah, I am leaning towards making it a little bigger. The hesitation though is simple. The current design lets me reuse the shed roof (just flattened out). So once I go bigger, I need to do actual roofing with roofing materials. At this point it might not make much difference, but all those little things do add up fast. Still, leaning towards the 10x10 space. Kinda thinking the 12x10 will put me over budget.

Good idea for the rounds Bill! Yeah, I remembered seeing those.
Jan 23, 2017, 05:17 AM
W Kuhns
BillKuhn's Avatar
Look around biggs. Its only 20 sq feet more and trust me you will need it. It sould not be very much more than a 10x10. Especially if you shop around either for a prebuilt or if your building it. If your building it. I suggest biting the bullet. And go for the extra couple feet. Not telling you what to do never would. But try to go that route if you can you will be happy in the long run. At 20 sq feet im thinking about Mayne150.00 more. Maybe. I that.depends on how creative you get. Either way. Ad always. Good luck
Jan 23, 2017, 07:24 AM
Registered User
here are pics of my shop. not the cleanest, but it is functional. the table in the middle is on wheels so I can move it around. under the top of the work surface there are sliding crates to allow for storage of power tools, sand paper, paint, ect...

there time when I wish I did not have the table, as any horizontal space becomes a "lay down" area for anything. but there are times when its invaluable

its the perfect height that I can put a rigged soling, victoria or RG65 on it standing straight up with out hitting the ceiling.

it locaed in the basement of my house its about 20x20' and its separated from the finished side of the basement by a door. and its a walk-out, I have a double doors to the outside so I don't need to take the boats through the house to get them to the car.
Jan 23, 2017, 12:07 PM
Registered User
Wow that is an AWESOME shop!!! Got lots of cool things hanging on the walls. Some boats, and a lizard. Say WHAT lol?!

Your shop is not a mess, more like "workable chaos." Horizontal space always becomes a lay down spot. I suffer from that BADLY out in my garage. After a week, it usually takes me two to clean it. I figure if I split my tools up and ONLY have boat/hobby stuff in the new workshop, I can minimize this issue in both spaces.

I LOVE the way all your tools are organized on the walls. My work toolboxes would make a DOD FOD inspector proud. Everything has its perfect place and you can instantly see anything missing. But that just doesn't work well for me at home. One of those Gerstner Machinist oak toolboxes would be super cool, but maybe not enough storage space to justify the expense. I might consider a used one, or a HF copy down the road. Otherwise, wall storage seems to be the best and nicest solution.

I love your rolling table. And it reinforces my thoughts on having that for boat building too. I had a solid idea that I wanted something like that I could roll into the center and have a boat fully rigged sitting on it. Now my idea was to sit up higher, but also compensating for that with a much higher ceiling since starting with a mostly blank slate.

I spend a lot of time in my workshop. So first concern is to have a comfortable space. It needs to be organized well enough that it is simpler to put everything away then leave it out. But if I leave out stuff for one project phase, it doesn't overrun everything else. In that regard, I think as many workbenches as possible, but with as much open space as possible too, is the key.

Looks is going to be a big thing for me also. But over the years I have discovered that some effort put into making what you want, usually works out close to what just buying random pre-made junk would. Although one usually spends more on the little accessories to finish that look off than just making too with random or free stuff. But the end result is usually worth it.

I likely mentioned, but I want to make wood tool holders for the wall. I have seen a few woodworking shops done this way, and the look is timeless and vintage at the same. I can find lots of singular examples, but not the one workshop that was really memorable where everything had been done that way. I will post up pictures and links if I find it.

I would LOVE to see more of you guy's workshops! Even if it is your converted kitchen table space, or Gary's boat. In fact well done spaces like that supply many good ideas for space saving even in larger spaces.
Jan 23, 2017, 02:23 PM
Registered User
wow, you caught the gator....I stole that from a Seminole fan at the 1995 sugar bowl in Nawlins.... zoom in on the door of the fridge. refreshment. the cause of many measure twice or thrice and cut once. and still bugger it up

Nice thing is that I have a vent for he AC and heat in the space so it makes for nice place to work in all temps. which means no worries about epoxy setting. I wish I had positive pressure in that so I could paint and not have the fumes get into the house

along the back wall ive got a 36" wide b/w inckjet printer. so nice to be able to print stuff full size and not have to tape pieces of 8 1/2 x 11 together. but above that I have horizontal shelving for holding my fabrics in tubes...

and having a sink in the shop is nice as well..

I know I've only 4-6 more years in this house. it will make me sick to have to leave the shop behind.

I'm pretty sure I could disassemble the bench and take it with me...but probably not worth the trouble...
Jan 23, 2017, 04:28 PM
Registered User
I probably should have asked this question in the VERY FIRST post... It is a beaten to death classic though I am sure lol:

What tools do you guys consider mandatory, or at least very useful for building sailboats? And to a lesser extent, our RC hobby in general.

As far as hand tools one could use for automotive repairs, I am VERY well covered. I am more interested in the lists that would pertain to the woodworking aspects. Let me start with what I have, and think I want.

The Haves List:
1) Benchtop drill press
2) Two cordless drills, one tiny Ryobi, one larger Milwaukee
3) plenty of normal drill bits, and then some woodworking screw and spade bits. Tons of assorted driving bits.
4) Dremel Model 8 (vintage yay!) Scroll saw. Uses annoying 3" pinned blades, but I can live with that.
5) Dremel Model A (vintage, again) palm sander. Seems to work well, but need to fiddle with it more
6) Dremel Model 2 Rotary tool kit (vintage, trend developing LOL!)
7) Milwaukee Cordless Rotory tool
8) Two X-Acto knife sets. Small one, and then the larger one with coping saw
9) Extra X-Acto Knife handles, including a vintage one haha!
10) Husky coping Saw, bigger than the X-Acto one, works awesome too.
11) Plenty of little screwdrivers, small wrenches, and the like specifically for hobby work Including a nice Dynamite set
12) Various soldering irons, a soldering station, DVM, and almost anything one could possibly want for doing electrical work on our RC gear
13) A NICE heat gun
14) Glue gun and sticks
15) Various squares, rulers, tape measures
16) Contour gauge
17) Small clamp assortment (more are always needed...)
18) 4" Harbor Freight table saw, useful for very small things. Maybe... The table is a little on the small side to do much, but it also cost only $30 and has at least paid itself back for that.
19) Air nailer/stapler, not really RC or hobby related, but use to make random projects used for such

More specialized for boats:
17) My current alignment jig. This is also a perfect building stand for Footys once the new alignment jig and building board are finished.
18) And the new alignment jig and shadow building board (once finished)

The Wants List:
1) Belt and disc sander combo. Not sure the belt part is super useful, but the disc is necessary, I think... Although just found a Delta belt only one for $28...
2) Plank bender/heater, Model Shipways has one I kinda like. Might be worth it.
3) Dremel 4" table saw, or similar. I want something I could use to make up planks when using woods like cedar. But a band saw might work just as well here if setup correctly...
4) Dremel Router attachment, not sure my current Rotary tools would work though...
5) CHEAP Large Format printer

My wants list is pretty short really. I think I am really well outfitted. But I am sure there are some recommendations out there I have missed, or left out. A couple more tools that would be more universal in their use.

More Universal Wants:
1) Band saw, maybe. On the fence there. I can get by with the scroll saw for most smaller projects. But if I make the larger stuff like an actual boat, would need this. And it might be doable for making up planks.
2) Router and Table setup. Going to likely need this for making tool holders, cabinetry, and various other projects. This could be in place of the Dremel setup, or possibly in addition to. Not very high on the list and something I would keep an eye out for in the used department.

Workshop Wants List:
1) Ceiling tall enough to stop rigged boats, and set on at least rolling workbench rigged
2) Rolling Workbench. This WILL be made for the new shop if it gets built. Not sure it is worth it for the garage.
2) Float tank. But this is maybe an extravagance, and would take up useful space so thought will be given to this. Still, something that can be made for almost nothing. I know that take down ones are doable, but I would want t clear front, so likely kills the take down idea...
3) Sink, maybe? Will not be plumbing in a proper drain...
4) French Cleat Storage for cabinets, and tools.
Last edited by BiggsDarkLighter; Jan 23, 2017 at 09:24 PM.
Jan 23, 2017, 07:45 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by marcsmith
wow, you caught the gator....I stole that from a Seminole fan at the 1995 sugar bowl in Nawlins.... zoom in on the door of the fridge. refreshment. the cause of many measure twice or thrice and cut once. and still bugger it up
Haha awesome! Yeah, I saw the empty keg, and then looked at the refrigerator and laughed. I just left that one alone.

I did miss the 36" printer! Ironically... I was actually looking around at those a few days ago and wondering if it would be worthwhile to have. As much as I would LOVE to have one, might be hard to justify. I can't find even a little smaller one under $200. YIKES! Okay just found a 24" for $50 barely used! It is an hour drive, but at that price... I think for the right price, a large format printer would be worth having. But it really would have to be cheap. I think more than $100 would make it undesirable.

Okay, edited want list to include that.

I thought about a sink. I might still do that. But I wouldn't be doing real plumbing, AKA a proper drain. I am not sure there is a responsible way to a "dump" drain... And for the effort involved, there is a faucet on the house 10-15' away from the door to the shop.
Jan 23, 2017, 10:56 PM
Registered User
Alrighty! I still haven't found the pictures of the workshop I was after for the custom tool holders, but I am fairly certain it used the French Cleat system.

I LOVE the idea of reconfigurable space. Everything from simple tool holders to the cabinets themselves. I also like the DIY aspect of this. And looking at the thousands of ideas out there, thinking a planer could be used to recycle pallet wood. The whole cleat system and holders could easily be constructed from pallet wood parts...

I basically have the go ahead to do the workshop. We talked about it today and she decided that she wanted another house project instead of the screen porch. The other project I am sure will cost more... Lol. But, it also means I have more space for the workshop too. I will need to give some thought to the approach to take.

Currently the sheds take up a 20' wide space (plus a little between them), and 7.5' deep. I am thinking increasing the size is only effective if I keep it as simple as possible. So go 15' wide, 10' deep. Just doubling the plan for the one side. I might need to pay attention to the roof height, very possibly dropping it down. But the original idea was spaced with a door needing to be there. I need to think more about the height, but 15' wide would give me the room needed to build a Squirt...

I do have to make room for garden tool storage, or at least the lawnmower and some other basics. I think I have some good ideas for this that won't take up footprint space.

I also edited the lists posts post above. Anyways, enough rambling. I have a kitchen to clean up and a Footy deck to glue on. And maybe some new sketches to draw up.

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