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Synergy Tuned Muffler

Matt Botos released some news on the up and coming Synergy Tuned Muffler for your nitro helicopter...


Synergy is releasing some new tuned pipes for your nitro helicopters.

Matt Botos over at Synergy Helicopters has been at the drawing board again, and he has some good news for the nitro fans out there. Matt has been working on a new Tuned Muffler for the past few months, and expects to start presenting them fairly soon. They don't have an exact release date as of yet, but they say to stay tuned (pun intended) for up and coming news. With this announcement he mentioned that they will start with the OS105, and then finish up with the YS versions afterwards.

So if you have a project that is in need of a tuned pipe like the Synergy N7 then it looks like Matt has got your back.

For more information when it's released click here.

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