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Apr 17, 2017, 10:04 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
After installing the straps the weight of the quad dropped by about 5 grams. then I thought why not take the battery case off of the stock battery. That made the weight of the stock battery drop from 113.5 to 91.8 grams. A loss of almost 22 grams. So I timed a flight with the Gemfan props and the lighter stock battery and only got about 16.25 minutes. Not as long a flight as the original props and the stock battery and battery cage - 17.5 minutes.
So the Gemfan props must cut flight time, I put the original props back on. GF props = 5.5 grams, Bugs 3 props = 4.5 grams and are about 5mm longer.
With straps instead of battery bay, stock props, and stock battery the quad flew for 18.25 minutes, 2 minutes longer than with the Gemfan props. So the stock props are really well matched to the quad. And as an added bonus, the LV beeping only started 1 minute before the forced landing due to low battery.
I then tried it with a Charsoon 2200mah 60C battery and also got 18.25 minutes. But that battery weighs 132.9 grams with the XT60 to XT30 adapter. And the LV beeping started about 2 minutes before forced landing.
I liked having the green GF props on the front to aide in LOS orientation, but the stock props are just better props for this quad.
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Apr 21, 2017, 12:51 AM
I love RC!
GBLynden's Avatar
I like mine so far:

GoPro Ready - MJX Bugs 3 Brushless Drone Quadcopter Unboxing, Maiden Flight, and Review (11 min 43 sec)
Apr 26, 2017, 05:32 PM
siriusflier's Avatar
Amazon is selling a blue Bugs 3 here: .

And Bangood now has two versions of the Bugs 2 listed as coming soon: , and: .

The second only comes in white, but the first comes in black, red, or white. They look a lot like the Bugs 3, but supposedly have altitude hold and GPS. If you look closely at the pictures on those links, the body is different and it claims a MTM diagonal of 311 instead of 310 on the Bugs 3. LEDs are mounted differently, and the transmitter has display and maybe spring mounted throttle stick. I wouldn't mind trying one out because the Bugs 3 is one of my favorite quads.
Apr 27, 2017, 02:54 AM
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Pixelpeter's Avatar
Kinda pity they found it necessary to copy the Hubsan H501 for these; I really like the Bug3 look