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Jan 07, 2017, 02:43 AM
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GT1200 is inaccurate and unbalances lipos

I am getting an incorrect reading on my second hand GT1200

I was finding it strange that it read all my balanced (3.80) lipos (both new and old) as unbalanced on cell 5 (3.85v) and cell 6 (3.75). So on cell 5, it is always +0.05 extra and on cell 6, it is -0.05.

When I plugged in the 'balanced' stored lipo (via GT) into my other two chargers and my cell checkers (two cheap buzzers, 1 better grade checker), it shows that the GT unbalanced the lipo (tried this on two new and one old): cell 5 to 3.75~ and cell 6 to 3.85~. so on the GT screen, it is all perfectly balanced.

So it seems like it wasn't just my imagination, GT is inaccurately viewing a balanced (3.80) lipo as 3.85 on cell 5, and 8.75 on cell 6.

Any way to calibrate that cell 5/6 reading?

I just updated to the latest firmware and there is no change. My other chargers are having a hard time balancing the severely unbalanced lipos.
Thank you.
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Jan 07, 2017, 10:55 PM
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Hi felixthemaster,
A re-calibration can only be done at our factory in Batam, Indonesia, as the specialized equipment needed for calibration is situated there. Therefore, I would suggest confirming the readings with a voltmeter before sending it in. You can contact Vincent at for an RMA if you decide to do so.