RCG Live! First Look - Strix Alatus FPV Wing - Eagle Micro Vector!

The RCGroups crew did another live broadcast and this time we had some rare items on hand - The RMRC Strix Alatus and the MiniVector!



Each Thursday at 2 PM CST the RCGroups team do a live broadcast. We talk about RC, news, reviews and what's happening that week in RC.

This week:

  • Mr. Matt Gunn had one of four Strix Alatus FPV wings to show everyone.
  • Jim Graham had the new MicroVector production unit in hand to show everyone.
  • Jason Cole sadly says goodbye to the Inspire 2.
  • John from EagleTree joins us to answer our Vector questions.
  • RCGroups user "The Mad Angler" (Ian) was invited on the show to talk to us about what he is currently flying.
  • And much more!

RCG Live - STRIX ALATUS FPV Wing - Eagle Micro Vector (1 hr 17 min 25 sec)

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