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Dec 27, 2016, 09:16 PM
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Heng Long 1/16 Tank Model (defects) in General

So, I got my twin boys some tanks this X-mas and, of course, dad needed his own tank. Because. I was a RC modeler as a teen and then, well, life got in the way. I thought the HL models offered a good RC entry point with upgrade paths should the kids get into the hobby.

I have some general questions for someone who may be a font of knowledge on these Heng Longs...

Three (3) Tanks:
M4A3 Sherman
Panzer G
"Sound & Smoke"
Airsoft 6mm Canon
2.4 Ghz
IR upgradable
The sound works swell. The smoke not at all, but I can hear a pump whirring on both tanks, just no smoke output, and I followed the directions carefully on adding smoke fluid. I understand the HL smoke units are crap and will quit sooner rather than later... But right out of the box? The user manual indicates there should be a smoke system kill-switch and a volume rheostat on the bottom of these tanks. There is neither, just the main power switch and holes where the other components would go. Could the lack of switches be an indicator why the smoke doesn't work on either one? The X-mitter remote button kicks the pump sound on and off, so there's something in there.
Tiger I
"Sound & Smoke"
Airsoft 6mm Canon
2.4 Ghz
IR upgradable
"MZ Upgrade" with zinc alloy gearbox and metal treads
The sound works swell. The smoke works so-so. The airsoft canon not at all. The control transmitter is slightly different from the Sherman and Panzer as it has a "canon fire" push button on the top right of the unit. Again, this tank has no smoke system kill switch or sound volume rheostat. I believe (I haven't cracked open the tank, yet) the airsoft firing mechanism was left out or is disabled as the Tiger neither fires nor recoils like the other two. The manual indicates there should be a canon kill-switch in the hatch where one loads the BBs, there is none, just a mounting hole.

So, the Panzer and the Sherman outrun the Tiger I in every way. I thought it might be a battery issue, but on closer inspection, the right tread cycles like butter, but the left one grinds and stutters like there's teeth missing in the gearbox. So, it also "stalls" a lot.
Needless to say: DISAPPOINTED! The good news is they are all returnable. But my question is can someone add some insight to this weirdness of missing switches and upgraded versions missing key components? Did we get three lemons?.. Or, "Hey, that's the Heng Long experience, start your mods!.."

We did not dress up the tanks with any of the spare parts as I wanted to get a feel for the mechanics beforehand, and each tank had some issue. Return 'em? Repair 'em? What?

Finally, I assume I'll have to crack these tanks open to see what's going on in there. And if there's an existing link to step-by-step disassembly guides to these, that would be helpful.

Any and all thoughts appreciated!

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Dec 28, 2016, 06:30 AM
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Welcome to the Heng Long Club

They're sold as toys but you need some modelling skills to get them running right. Only about 50% run problm free straight out of the box .

Can you post pics of your tanks and controllers.

If it's the newest 2.4ghz then the smoke and volume is on the controller.

The smokers are junk. Too much oil and they won't work, too little and they won't work. Then when you do get the oil level right they soon burn out. The first thing I do when I get a new tank is remove the smoker.

The Tiger running gear can have a number of problems. Having metal tracks/gears makes it worse as it'll put a lot of strain on an unmodified hull.

Here's a quick check list-

Do the wheels line up with the drive sprocket and idler-

Are the suspension arms and wheels on tightly.
Are the gearboxes secure (Do the drive sprockets wobble ? )

To open up your tanks, flip them over and you should see the screw holes.
Dec 28, 2016, 07:12 AM
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Woz is right... anything that is mass produced and is considered an RTR is NOT an entry level to the RC world. They are more toy grade as they are just assembled with inferior parts that with some mechanical skills can work reasonably well.

Best thing is to take it apart and start working on issues it has like lube the gears/motors, make sure the tracks operate freely and that the idlers are straight and are not binding. This is in the area you might be hearing the grinding.

Those stock smokers are pretty much hit or miss as far as working. You could try another unit but expect the same. They are just a novelty and are not that impressive at all.

MOST of the time the electronics have 'cold' solder joints and the end results is a poor connection. This could be why some features may not work.

Check on youtube for any "How To" videos or just ask here on any suggestions tips as far as repairs!

Dec 28, 2016, 12:38 PM
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Okay. Panther F & Woz, thanks for back story on the HL's.

Yes, they are the "new" controllers and volume and sound are on the X-mitter, so HL pulls the hardware from the tank, got it. However, I suppose they leave the airsoft switch in the tank a safety (read: risk management) mechanism.

I've decided the Tiger I is going back. We paid a premium for the "upgraded" version and the stock models outrun it and outshoot it (maybe because the gun is missing). Rather than open up the chassis to prove it doesn't have what it's supposed to, easier to get a replacement or a refund.
Aug 17, 2019, 02:55 AM
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The heng long tiger one I brought came yesterday but it doesn't have the pair button for the remote in the battery compartment does it need one or am i doing it wrong

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