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Sep 27, 2004, 04:25 PM
York Electronics
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DEAF Scale contest Oct. 2nd (sat)

This year the club has moved the scale contest to Saturday. We hope that this will allow additional participants that in the past could not attend, due to missing Sunday. The rules are being posted here. Questions and suggestions can be addressed in this thread or by e-mail to me at . I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.


Stand-Off Scale

The Scale Contest is an informal attempt to judge and reward builders of scale planes. Judges are regular modelers selected by the CD. Three judges are used for each portion (static and flight). The CD will determine if there will be different judges used for each portion, based on the availability of qualified judges.

Basic Rules:

The points awarded are broken into two parts. 50% of the potential points are static and 50% of potential points come from the flight.

"Builder of the plane" rules apply. To this, the builder must be present for the duration of the scale contest. The builder may choose a designated pilot for each plane entered. The pilot and the builder must attend a "pilot's meeting" to review rules, procedures and safety guidelines.

For the static judging, each builder will be called forward by the judges and will be interviewed by them for a time not to exceed 2 minutes. During this time the builder may be asked questions about the plane and the builder can present any details that furthers their efforts, including documentation. Documents are not required except as noted below.

The plane must fly for two minutes. Remote controls are not required but are strongly encouraged. The flights must remain within event designated safe flight areas and must land with field boundaries. Flight less than 2 minutes, for any reason (charge failure, equipment failure, crashes, failure to fly within safety flight area, etc.) will score a zero for the flight. One re-flight will be permitted for technical failures, but the plane and pilot must show that it can be done safely and before the last flights made by others. The beginning of a flight is defined as that point and time when the plane leaves the ground. In the event the last flier needs to re-fly the flight portion, a 10-minute preparation time will be given. No other delays to the program will be made for re-flights.

The plane must be powered by an electric motor. Any source of electrical power is acceptable. Rockets and pyrotechnics are not allowed. Smoke devices are permitted so long as the are commercially available, specifically marketed for model airplane use and do not involve any liquid fuel or oil. The pilot must demonstrate knowledge of safe use of smoke devices before they will be permitted.

The plane will be allowed to drop items if they are a fair scale representation and used on the scale plane, such as bomb canisters, drop takes and parachutes. Before any plane is allowed to drop items, they must be inspected by the CD to show that they are not capable of producing ANY damage if accidentally dropped on to people or property (weight, shape and retaining/release systems are what the CD will look at - CD's decision is final). Also, before any drop in flight, the pilot will be advised on where the safe area is for drops and the pilot will voice (in flight) their intention to drop items, with enough warning, that they intend to drop items over the safe area.

The plane can be flown by a designated pilot, but only the builder and his plane will be recognized as the participant. Designated pilots are not eligible for awards or prizes.

Any number of planes can be entered by the builders.

All types of planes will be accepted, as long as the plane is a fair representation of an actually flown or designed full-scale plane. Blimps and helicopters are acceptable if scale. If your plane is wildly obscure in recognition, documentation should be provided to avoid being excluded.

The use of propellers to replace scale jet engines is acceptable, yet may reduce potential static score.

Landing gear is not required, yet failure to include them and hand launching the plane and belly landings may reduce potential flight score.

The plane cannot be a commercially available ARF or ARC. Again, provide documentation to prove that your plane is not and ARF or ARC if there will be any question.

In the event that the weather will not permit safe flight at the time of the flight scoring, scores from the static will make up the total score. This exclusion of the flight portion will not apply to individual planes. All planes fly or all will be grounded. The only flight requirement for a weather grounding will be verbal acknowledgement that the plane as at one time or another flown for 2 minutes. Pursuant to AMA rules all competing airplanes must be flown before a contest anyway. Failure to show that the plane has flown will exclude it from competing in the scale event entirely if the flight portion is called because of weather.

CD reserves the right to amend, expand or add to these rules in the name a safety.


Static: 50 point possible
Scale dimensions and proportions - 30 points
Scale finish - 5 points
Scale details - 5 points
Builder's workmanship - 10 points

Flight: 50 point possible
Ground performance - 5 points
Takeoff roll and climb out - 5 points
Scale appearance in flight - 30 points
Approach and landing - 5 points
Spectator response - 5 points

New scoring rules for 2003 & 2004:

Flight Deductions: Flights that can not complete the 2 minute flight task will not be disqualified, so long as a flight (electric powered) was made (of any length of less than 2 minutes). A total score reduction of 15 points will apply to flights less than 2 minutes. This deduction also applies to aircraft that crash less than 2 minutes into the flight and or are in any other way disabled and can not complete the 2 minute task.

Scale appearance in flight: This flight scoring category has replaced “Scale flight maneuvers” in previous years. The change is in name only and it still counts for 30 points. The function of this category remains the same, but it clarifies that specific maneuvers are not required in the flight.

Ground Performance Scoring - Unusual Methods of ROG and ROW: Aircraft that are launched by means of mechanical assistance, other than hand launching, will now be eligible for points awarded for ground performance. Though points will be awarded for this method of launching, the amount of awarded points will reflect the scale likeness of the launching method. The minimum ground handing score would be 1 and the maximum will be 5. Hand launching of the aircraft will continue to be scored as a mandatory '0' score for the ground handling portion of the flight score.
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Sep 27, 2004, 09:33 PM
Registered User
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Question, will be bringing the 1905 Wright Flyer with me and fly if the wind is low, what time will the event be flown? Also, the aircraft was always catapulted into the air and did not use a normal takeoff role. Would a handlaunch in this case be allowed without deduction of points as mentioned above. Can use bungee and trolley but thats time consumming and serves no real purpose but to look cute. It will also fly off a hard surface but again thats not scale. Its about the flying.

The following thread details the Flyer in Question:

Respectfully Yours

Ed Couch
AMA 522
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Sep 28, 2004, 11:58 AM
York Electronics
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Originally Posted by Ed Couch
Question, will be bringing the 1905 Wright Flyer with me and fly if the wind is low, what time will the event be flown? Also, the aircraft was always catapulted into the air and did not use a normal takeoff role. Would a handlaunch in this case be allowed without deduction of points as mentioned above. Can use bungee and trolley but thats time consumming and serves no real purpose but to look cute. It will also fly off a hard surface but again thats not scale. Its about the flying.

The following thread details the Flyer in Question:

Respectfully Yours

Ed Couch
AMA 522
Hello Ed,

That's a very impressive aircraft and I'll be looking forward to seeing it fly. I hope the winds are favorable on Saturday. The weatherman is calling for wind and rain - hope he's wrong. I understand that the scale contest will be run at the noon hour.

I'm making a small change to the rules to accommodate your concerns (some what). Here's the details of the changes and an explanation of the spirit of the rules.

Though the aircraft did not have wheels, it did use a method of ROG (catapulted into the air). Hand launching the plane would not be a scale representation of the 'complete' full scale flight. I would think that the scale method of launch would score quite high, considering it's uniqueness. The choice is yours, but to insure the highest possible flight score, the plane needs to be launched in it's original scale fashion. I would think that just using a bungee cord would score well, though what a show if it used a weighted tower and rail to launch.

In the past, if the plane was hand launched or was bungee launched, there was to be a mandatory 0 score for ground handling (5 points lost). Scoring for takeoff and climb out were not effected. Modified ROG takeoffs (ROG on skids, wheels, trolleys) would qualify for ground handling scores, though the final level of points awarded was up to the individual judges.

Many planes have in the past scored 0 points for the ground handling portion due to hand launching or bungee launching. I can't recall if any of them have ever won the contest, but I do know that several have scored quite high overall.

I think in addressing your concerns, it's prudent for us to change the '0' score policy for bungee launches and to allow some scoring potential when bungee are used. Though there will continue to be a '0' point score for hand launching. I'll modify the rules today to reflect these changes.

I can understand your concerns about your plane and the ground handling scoring. We've done our best to keep the field fair and level, staying true to the spirit of scale model building and flying. Was it the X1 that was belly launched from a B29? Gees, how would we address that scoring? One plane or two? Ground handling points? For both or one? It's hard to say what would be done at this time. But as this event evolves, it's clear that there will be rule challenges that will fine tune and shape it's future. Your situation brings to light some of those evolutionary changes. Several bungee launched jets are now going to benifit from these changes too.

I hope this answers your question and addresses your concerns. Let me know if I can help again.

Sep 28, 2004, 04:26 PM
Registered User
Ed Couch's Avatar
Thanks Gary, about three knots is about all the wind the little bird can handle, have to think about a simple tower and cord. Trolley is already made as I have flown from it before as well as launched off of ice before 9,000 people. We will see.


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