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Sep 27, 2004, 03:23 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
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New Product

Mighty Midget 3.5gm brushless Outrunner


We are very happy to announce that R/C Ozstyle in Australia are now carrying our motors!

We have a new website! here

All our dealers are listed in our website, so stop by our website from time to time for updates.

We have new dealers!:

We are very happy to announce that R/C Ozstyle in Australia are now carrying our motors!

We are happy to announce that MAD Model Aircraft Designs in South Africa is carrying our motors!

We are very happy to announce that Micro Plane Solutions, and @ero-shop
in FRANCE are carrying our motors!

We are also very happy to announce that Kuestenflieger in Germany is carrying our 10/3/32T 2 cell WYE motors!

We are very proud to announce that Wes-Technik in Germany are carrying our motors!!

We are proud to announce that Sky Hooks and Rigging , in Canada, are carrying our motors!

We are proud to announce that Full Kontroll, in Sweden are carrying our motors!

I'll update all of you when we have more confirmed dealers. Thanks for hanging in there

OK, just to make it easier for all of you, and without having to read the entire thread searching for information, I'll update this post regularly with new information.

1st, here's a pic of the new motor showing you how the motors would look when they reach your hand:

All motors will have an extended shaft, which is about 12mm long ( around 1/2 " ), as can be seen in the picture.

Currently, we have 3 different winding options available, a 2 cell wind, and Two single cell winds:

1) 10/3/32 for 2S Lipo. This motor will work well with the GWS 4*2.5 prop, and for smaller/ lighter applications, a GWS 3*2 can also be used. Most suited batteries include Kokam 145's, and the Worley 170mahr cells. For performance results, see the Micro Brushless Motor Test Results thread

2) 10/3/26S for single cell Lipos and Large props. It's wound to operate on either the Kokam 145, or the Worley 170's. The GWS 4*2.5, or the GWS 5*3 props can be used here. Again, more results the Micro Brushless Motor Test Results thread

3) 10/3/26D for single cell Lipos and small props, like the GWS 3*2. This motor works well on the GWS 4*2.5 prop too. I'll get to calculating the constants soon for this particular wind, but some results for immediate reference:

GWS 3*2, 3.5V, ~12600rpm, 32gms at 1.4amps
GWS 4*2.5, 3.5V, ~9500rpm, 37gms at 1.9amps

The higher current draw would mean that the ET-250's or the slightly heavier WES 310's would work well here. These measurements were taken after a minute of running at WOT. No heat problems at these currents. Motor is barely warm.

The motor designations are to be interpreted like this:
10/3/32 meaning 10*3mm Stator, 32T.
10/3/26S meaning 10*3mm Stator, 26 turns in Star termination.
10/3/26D meaning 10*3mm Stator, 26 turns in Delta termination.

10/6/20 Double stack unit optimized for 2S Kokam 145's or larger cells. 5*3 GWS prop, 7.0V, 63+gms of thrust @ 1.3 amps. Great for Micro 3D planes in the 40gm range.

Suggested Model weights:

Mighty Midget 10/3/32- 2 cell WYE wind suitable for planes with an AUW of within 2oz. Optimum model weight would be around 1.4-1.5oz ( around 40gms thrust @ 1 amp )

Mighty Midget 10/3/26S- Single cell wind, best for slowfliers and such. This is an ideal replacement for motors in the KP00 range, good for planes with an AUW within 1.5-2oz ( 26gms thrust at 1 amp ) depending on the type of plane. It's possible to build a plane with an AUW of 1oz using Falcon servos.

Will also work on 2S Lipo with small props ( GWS 3*2 ). Will put out 40gms thrust @ 1amp, and is good for planes using the small prop, like Delta wings and such. Good for planes with an AUW of around 1.5-2oz.

Mighty Midget 10/3/26D- Single cell wind Delta terminated. Good for planes with an AUW of within 2oz ( 35-37gms thrust at 1.9A ). Best for planes in the 1.4-1.5oz range.

Mighty Midget 10/6/20- Double whopper, best for planes with an AUW of within 3.5-4oz ( 63gms thrust at 1.2amps ). This motor is best suited for Micro 3D planes, like the MA Microedgeling, with an AUW of 40gms.

I hope all of you follow these suggested weights. Of course, Lighter is always better!!


Remember, the Mighty Midget motors, like all their bigger brothers, are
power plants and as such, should be handled with the same care and caution.


1. Secure mounting is a must, since both torque and prop thrust pull will be present in a running model. Use of a purposefully made motor mount, such as BSD's, is strongly recommended. Remember that a light power plant has little capacity to absorb any vibrations or shock.

2. Use only balanced props, to avoid vibrations, and the consequences. Many of the smaller props are found to suffer from considerable imbalance, and it would be worthwhile to either select those with minimum imbalance, or to balance them manually. A light motor, with a poorly balanced prop, can be expected to behave not much better than a cheap internal combustion engine, with a poorly balanced crankshaft . Consider that in the case of a microBL motor, the ratio of prop mass to motor mass, is indeed unfavourable, being about one to three.

3. Follow manufacturer's recommendations while choosing the type of BL winding and stack. Since the data has been generated after extensive testing on the suitable props commercially available, the user should obtain
satisfactory performance, and better life, from the motors, by a judicious
selection of motors and props. Data related to performance of different
motor types, using available props, is attached, for ready reference.

4. Replace prop adapters when they are found to be loose after repeated changes.


1. Run the motor over an extended period, at full throttle, on a large prop, under static conditions, to avoid overheating. In the air, however, there
should be no problem since even a little airflow around the can is enough to
keep the motor cool.

2. Use any liquid glue dispensed at the rear of the motor, to secure the motor to the mount. If glue has to be used, it must be used very sparingly at the aluminium tube/mount junction only. Failure to ensure this, can result in the glue entering the bearings, with disasterous consequences.
Even excess glue on the outside of the tube can wick to the windings, and in
the event of a winding break at some point of time, it would be impossible
to remove the windings from the stack. These considerations stem from from
the fact that the motor being tiny, all parts are at close proximity to one
another, enough to be adversely affected by what happens nearby.

3. Use any hand tools to hold the bearing tube or the shaft, to attach themotor to the mount, or a prop to the shaft, respectively. While tools are
used to get a better grip on larger objects, because of the the micro size of
the Mighty Midget motors, and the light parts used, even hand tools used in
electronic work can cause irrepairable damage to the motors.

4. a)Use superglue to attach a loose fitting prop to the shaft.

b)Force a prop with an excessively small bore, on to the shaft, to
avoid undue force on the rotor.

Stay tuned for updates, and of course, the motors!

EDIT: March 09 2009

Hi guys, its been ages since I last updated this thread, just so you all know, we are still here, it's been slow, but it's been reasonably steady Introducing to you in this latest update is a new sub gram BL outrunner, the smallest addition to our family. It weighs just 0.6gms. Some preliminary details:

Bell od 9.5mm, 45 turns/pole DLRK, shaft 1mm carbon fiber.

Performance on GWS 2508 prop:
6.8g static thrust at 400ma at 3.5V

You can contact Bob Selman for pricing and availability!

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Sep 27, 2004, 03:35 AM
Registered User
simply fantastic .....
cant seem to find better words...

have put this on my wish list and am definitely interested
Last edited by Prashanth; Sep 27, 2004 at 03:37 AM. Reason: forgot to add something
Sep 27, 2004, 03:40 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
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Thread OP
Thanks PT, I've added it to your cart
Sep 27, 2004, 05:29 AM
Registered User
Looks great, I want it also! maybe a few of them even... Does the hot windings good for one cell operation? Any data that will compare it to the M20-LV would be nice as they are at the same weight range. Oh, and what will the price of this motor?
Sep 27, 2004, 05:58 AM
in pursuit of low wing loading
Gordon Johnson's Avatar
That looks good. You seem to have really got your dad interested in micro RC stuff. Keep it up.

Sep 27, 2004, 06:28 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
Uttam1's Avatar
Thread OP
Hi nachman, Gordon,

Thanks! Not sure about single cell operation, the Phoenix 10 will not operate on a single cell We will measure thrust as soon as possible, and when we have a couple of things finialized, but I can assure you thrust is PLENTY more than what the brushed motors of similar sizes can achieve. Not sure about the price, we have to still look into tooling and all and then decide on a price.

Sep 27, 2004, 06:53 AM
Wonderful motor! How did your father make the stator? Is it solid or laminated.
One cell operation would be possible by using MGM TMM 0710-3L PL which works from 1 to 3 Lipoly cells.

Sep 28, 2004, 12:11 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
Uttam1's Avatar
Thread OP
Herbert, thanks! The stator is built out of laminations. I have been told about the MGM TMM ESC, do you know any online sources for it?

Sep 28, 2004, 01:31 AM

please do a Google and select the source for MGM TMM which is best for you.
There are several in Europe, USA and Asia (e.g. Singapore). Factory is in Czech Republic.

Sep 28, 2004, 01:54 AM
Registered User
...have allready put it on my wish list

...this guy is selling the TMM ESC: I think he will send it enywere in the world. If not: mail me if you need some help.

Sep 28, 2004, 02:20 AM
Hi Uttam,

Really interrested here
"Subscribe thread"

Sep 28, 2004, 10:53 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
Uttam1's Avatar
Thread OP
Hi Herbert, Viktor, thanks for the leads, will look into the TMM ESC.

Hi Peter, tnx for the kudos, glad to know you guys are interested in it!

We did some preliminary motor thrust measurements, this 1st motor, produces 25gms of thrust at 1amp, and more than 35+ at higher currents. I have a video of it running, should I post it here? Of course, the next one will be built after proper tooling, so we are gearing up! We will also experiment with windings, and have some options available.

Sep 28, 2004, 10:55 AM
Registered User
hello Utam

what is your methode to produce your stator?

thanks charles
Sep 28, 2004, 11:36 AM
Micro Brushless crazy
Uttam1's Avatar
Thread OP
Hello Charles,

We make the stator using some punches at home. I'm sorry, that's all I can say now, we are looking into producing these, so I cant give you any more info at the moment. I Hope you dont mind.

Sep 30, 2004, 06:42 PM
Team30 Micro EDF
NitroCharged's Avatar
Could this be a great replacement for the old KP-00 which weighs 9grams? ( well, mine does )
Will it have a longer prop shaft to clear thru cowlings on the production model?
You said the next one will be for a 2 cell 140 lipo - what did you run this one on to give the results listed?
I too will be waiting to get hold of one of these

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