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Dec 20, 2016, 05:45 PM
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MWOSD Laptimer idea

I'm thinking about onboard laptiming, something like RedRotor Lap Timer ("Reversed version of EasyRaceLapTimer")

I did some research. I found I can (re)use my microminimosd to track laptimes.

Basically I don't use the current, rssi, bat1, bat2 pins. I use fc's data for display. 4 free analog pins , so I can use them.
(link1, link2, link3, link4)

I have lot of spare hardware parts from ERLT build ( Base Station Raspberry Pi Hat, Configurable Transponder SMD )

So my goal is wire a TSOP31238 ir receiver to a free pin (eg rssi) and use an ERLT transponder (with own custom firmware) to send ir signal for detecting start/end of lap. The ERLT transponder'll be attached to the airgate.
Something like in this article: Detecting an IR Beam Break with the Arduino IR Library (just inverted)

I'd like to display latest, fastest and current laptime on the osd. (eg on top or top left corner of the screen)
I do not thinking about saving data. Just displaying laptimes since last power up. (use dvr to store data )
I know this'll be good for practicing alone. But this better than nothing. You can not compare easily laptimes with others.

I want to create proof of concept while I'm on christmas break.

That's just an idea. I'm still thinking about a right solution. But I'd like to know what do you thing about it? Any comments, suggestions are welcome.
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Dec 21, 2016, 09:12 AM
Team AlienWarpSquad
Nice idea, I like it.

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