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The Ultimate Blade Inductrix FPV Setup - RCGroups Review

Do you want a nano sized FPV rig? Here is the best solution out there with everything you need for micro FPV drone success from the good folks at Horizon Hobby!


The Inductrix FPV with all the goodies!!

Recently the whole RCGroups crew put together a few Inductrix FPV rigs from scratch. The good thing about this for you is that by doing so we learned exactly what you needed for hardcore indoor FPV fun. We were excited to find out that Horizon was releasing a ready-to-run micro quad through the Blade division and with it, I have put together the ultimate Inductrix FPV package for maximum fun!

Inductrix FPV - Test Flight, Goggles, Battery Charger - Review (11 min 19 sec)

The Inductrix FPV RTF

The first ingredient is the unit itself. The Inductrux FPV RTF is a pretty good deal when you do the math of building one of these yourself. The other way to look at it is what would a newbie have to buy, and or learn, to get this going. This has everything in the box you will need to actually fly first person. The quad, the camera, the video transmitter, an LCD screen with built in receiver and the Tx. Things weren't so simple a few years ago!

SAFE Technology

Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope technology is Horizon's stabilization and protection system that allows you to be a successful FPV pilot. The newly improved Stability mode allows for fast forward flight even with the added weight of the FPV system. It helps prevent over controlling the Inductrix and gives you a confident feeling when maneuvering through tight spaces (watch my video for some of that).

FPV Ready!

The Inductrix FPV is equipped with a 25mW video transmitter that is perfect for indoor use. The body has a 5.8 video transmitter and camera built in and they are protected by an external shell. This thing also has a nice antenna that you don't have to worry about breaking. The video range of the Inductrix FPV is nearly 100 yards line of sight and more than adequate to fly in any large buildings or homes.

HiPo Motors

The added weight of the camera requires more power. The FPV version comes equipped with high performance 14,300Kv motors.

Improved Flight Controller

The flight control system is tweaked for better control in stability mode and agility mode is now much more controllable as well.

200 mAh Battery

The included 200 mAh battery gives you around 4 minutes of flight time.

The Included Monitor

The included FPV monitor is a 4.3" Spektrum SPMVM430. I'm pretty picky about how I fly FPV but this monitor by itself does a good job for flying around the house. The monitor is rechargeable via micro USB and has a 1.5hr run time before it needs to recharge. It is capable of receiving on 40 channels and can be clipped on to the MLP4 radio for hands free operation.

Charge Those Batteries - Ultra Micro-4 Battery Charger (EFLC1105A)

We found out real quick that one battery is not enough for real house FPVing. That means you need a real charger for all those packs. One option is the Ultra Micro-4, 4x9W, AC/DC charger.(EFLC1105A) This is a great way to charge all your packs at once, or keep your packs going while your flying. The cost of $54.99 is totally acceptable for this battery solution.


  • Rugged design
  • All four ports can be used simultaneously or one at a time
  • Works with Blade®, E-flite and ParkZone 1S as well as 2S ultra micro Li-Po batteries
  • Four independently functioning charge circuits each with a simple LED status display
  • 9 Watts of dedicated power per port
  • Five selectable charge rates from 0.1–1.0A
  • Each port is suitable for charging one 30–150mAh, 1S UM cell, a 1S MCPX cell, or one 120–300mAh 2S pack equipped with a JST-PH, 3-wire connector
  • Operates on 100–240V AC (50/60Hz) or 11–18V DC input voltage
  • Built-in protection features guard against short circuit, over current and reverse polarity
  • Detachable AC and DC power cords and 1S battery extension leads included


I will admit that the minute you put on FPV goggles you are really in the craft you are flying. You could buy yourself a $399 set of Fat Shark goggles, but if you're not quite ready for those you can go with the $54.99 solution that is made to fit the monitor that comes with the Inductrix FPV RTF.


  • Compatible with the SPMVM430 monitor
  • Adjustable head-strap
  • Weighs only 380g with monitor
  • Monitor (not included) can be added or removed with a single strap

Thoughts on the Package

I have built my own Tiny Whoop and the Blade Inductrix FPV is right there with it in terms of quality and fun. It does have some other advantages as well. Since it's RTF you don't have to figure out which parts you need and where to find them (if they are even in stock). The body protects all the internals and camera. The antenna is made so you don't have to worry about slamming it into things. The RCG team did have a discussion on the upgraded motors. While you can upgrade to even more powerful motors you will pay for it in flight time. I don't think I'm ever going to be a professional micro FPV racer so the included motors are fine.

I was very surprised how quickly I adapted to flying through the monitor. I almost always use goggles but the monitor worked great on my maiden flight through the house. The goggles were a perfect fit for the monitor and so far seem fine. How well it will work for you will be determined by your eyes. The good news is you can use a set of Fatsharks with the Inductrix FPV if you really want to. I will tell you flying it through the Fatshark unit really put you in the cockpit of the tiny quad.


I have a family member that really wants to get into FPV. He might think he needs a $4,000 setup but I'm here to tell you that you will have just as much fun with this tiny quad flying around your house. There are no FAA concerns and you can do it while sitting in your favorite easy chair. Flying with a couple of friends is even more fun. If you are new to FPV I really think this is the place to start and these are the things you need!

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I'm with you I got one just to teach friends to fly I got the bnf on the rcg classifieds for a sweet 60 and I'm more than happy with it
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I just got a similar setup today. I got the Inductrix BNF with the standalone Spektrum SPMVM430 monitor that bolts to the lanyard hole on my DX9. Been flying it around the house tonight. Lots of fun. I've got the standard Celectra 4 way charger without all the switches, lights and knobs but it does the job nicely. Shorter flights than my Nano QX though.

They had the goggles at the LHS but there were issues with the clip not holding the monitor in place very well... or at all, so I didn't get to try them. I've flown it around the LHS with the FatShark goggles but I don't know if I'll ever get into it enough for those. I like my peripheral vision anyway.

Takes some getting used to. My muscle memory is backwards from many years of first person gaming with an Xbox controller. I'm way better without the monitor, that's for sure but I've made a few circuits around the house without bouncing off the doorways or the TV so that's a start.

Now I need a camera for my cars!
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Ultimate racing gate


Thanks for presenting your ultimate setup ! With this, I think you need a Ultimate Turbo Boost Gate

TURBO BOOST GATE - fpv racing indoor flight (3 min 34 sec)

Have Fun & Fly. Over.
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Originally Posted by DOCFIGHT View Post

Thanks for presenting your ultimate setup ! With this, I think you need a Ultimate Turbo Boost Gate

Have Fun & Fly. Over.
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It's a Dysan fan!

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