Ikan Fly X-3 Plus Handheld Gimble - RCGroups Review

In todays world of hi-tech cell phones and GoPros, camera shake can become a real issue. Ikan Has come out with a handheld gimble system that will steady even the most shaky videos! Lets check it out and see how it does!


Ikan Fly X-3 Plus Handheld Gimble

Product:Ikan Fly X-3
Retail price:$329.00
Shipping Weight:3.4Lbs
Compatibility :Cell Phone, GoPro
Type:3 Axis
Available from:IKAN

The Ikan Fly-X3-Plus offers a 3-axis stabilization system that will ad professional grade quality to all of your cell phone/GoPro videos. Its super easy to set up and operate and you will be on the road to great handheld cinematography in no time flat!

Video Quick Look

Ikan Fly X3 Plus - RCGroups Quick Look (1 min 16 sec)

Smooth Operator

The Ikan Fly X3 Plus arrives in a really well done protective travel case that will protect your gear perfectly. Every thing has its place and its easy to pack and unpack. The only modification I made to the case was to open up a small section of the foam so that I can pack it away without removing the counter balance weights. I use an iPhone 6 plus so the weights will both have to be on to balance properly. And not having to remove them every time is nice. A quick couple of cuts and it was good to go.

Whats included

The Fly-X3 system includes 3 different mounts for small phones, larger phones, and GoPro. Mean Joe uses the iPhone 6 plus and it fits perfectly in the large mount, so most larger phones should have no issue at all fitting fine.

Also included are bag with shoulder strap, charger & plugs, and two counterweights for use with different phones and cameras.

Easy Swap!

The X3 is super easy to switch over to the different camera mounts that you may require. Just remove the 2 set screws and slide the mount your changing from down and it pops right off. A few mins and you will be ready to go.

In Closing

In closing, the Ikan Fly-X3-Plus handheld cell phone gimble system is easy to operate and will have you shooting professional grade video from your favorite cell phone or GoPro in minutes. If your in the market for a handheld gimble you should definitely check it out! ~Mean Joe

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