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Dec 09, 2016, 03:00 PM
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THuG 220 V5 Lowrider - Brain RE1 Flight Controller - DYS SE2205 FPV Race Quad Build

As winter is now in full swing I fancied doing a new FPV quad build, for months I have lusted after the TBS Vendetta but never got the cash together to actually buy one, further to this some time back DYS very kindly sent me some of their SE 2205 motors to test but TBH I have been up to my eyes in it and was unable to really do anything with them so it was an opportunity to start a new build rather than buy one.

What was important to me in this build was something that gave the appearance and compact build of the TBS, I did not want wires hanging out everywhere ect, I wanted a clean tidy build, the first port of call was looking at frames and very quickly came across Thug Frames in the UK .

These guys make some really interesting models, including The Pig, The Squeeler , The V5 and the BRÅNNSTORMER, I really liked the V5 220 Lowrider, this model comes in a few versions like the Original Lowrider 220 V5 that takes a standard camera mount options, The Session edition that has specific cut outs to hold the GoPro Session above the FPV camera and the Session X Edition.

I went for the Original 220 V5 and just over 24 hours later it had arrived

Please note some part of these images have been distorted intentionally.

The Frame Components include

220 arms x2, v5 bottom plate x1, 2 piece top plate with new strapways instead of slots (engravings can be mounted facing either up or down)

Finger cam mounts

Pdb v1.2 (just add xt60)

M3 fixings (allen head)

4 x 35mm standoffs chrome

4 x 20mm standoffs chrome

Total weight is 125g inc all fittings and pdb.

Some closer pics of the lower top plate

Top Plate

Arm Thickness compared to top plates, Absolutely Solid.

PDB & Fixings

Note the thickness of the PDB Included.

I decided to do a test build of the frame just to get an idea of how everything goes together.

I first fitted the flight controller Stand-offs to the base plate, notice hoe close to the edge they are, more in this later, I next added the posts, these are two different lengths, the 4 x shorter ones go towards the back for the lower top plate and the longer ones at the front.

Next fitted the arms to the base, note the arms go below the base plate.

Next task is to fit the lower top plate, it has 4 fixings that go into the rear 4 lower posts,at the front of the plate there is two larger holes driller so that the plate actually slides down over the the first set of longer posts, i found it difficult to get the these through the holes as they have a machines surface.

After some persuasion while twisting as the posts went though, rotating them a few times opened the holes up and allows them to slid in easily.

Lower top plate fitted, this can go on either way around to hide or show the Thug Logo.

Front Camera uprights added, these just slot into the base.

Finally frame with top plate added, again this can be fitted other way to show or hide the lest say logo.

Finally Frame with Runcam Swift fitted.

Overall I am very happy with this frame after a test build, It definitely not cheap at over £50 and i would really like to see a slightly larger version as well, maybe a 260 or 280 would be a cool, one thing I did notice is the frame is very narrow and the flight controller will sit right on the edge, this is a little concerning when looking at possible crashes, the base plate could have been a bit wider to give a little more protection to the FC in my opinion, will look closer at this as the build progresses.

Next will be Flight controller.
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Dec 11, 2016, 09:12 AM
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THuG 220 V5 Lowrider - Brain RE1 Flight Controller - DYS SE2205 FPV Race Quad Build


Some time back I was sent some SE2205 motors from DYS they very kindly sent me to try (thank you guys )but due to work I have been unable to put them to good use until now.

Looking at theM each motor comes in its own solid clear plastic case nicely retail packaged, solid ensuring no chance of damage when in transit.

On the rear of the box is the motor specification

In the box the motor is held in foam with its accessories located below

In the box is the motor, screw pack and spanner for removing the nut

Screw Pack

The Motor its self is very well made, fitted with NMB Bearings, N52 Magnets, the hollow M5 shaft really does stand out when you pick the motor up for the first time, on my scales weight of each motor comes in at 31g, 1 g over the DYS spec

Underneath the wiring exits the base nicely and is well supported with strain relief , the large NMB bearing is held in place with the hex nut that stops the motor separating

Motor windings are are very well laid with thick wire, N52 magnets precisely glued in place with pole's being marked with different colours

Overall i am very impressed with these motors based on first impression, they are very well made, bearing feel very smooth with zero moment vertically, cogging force is quite low and not as noticeable as some motors I have tested.

The Motor Specs


Based on a few things really I decided to go with the Little Bee 20A ESC's that come preloaded with BLHELI

Motors mounted and ESC's fitted.

I have still left a little length on the cables for adjusting to set correct rotation

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