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Dec 06, 2016, 06:47 PM
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Taranis: Lock In Your Slider Settings

Note: My Taranis posts so far are generally based upon programming for full-house F3J/TD sailplanes, using OpenTX Companion Version 2.1.9 and a setup based upon Mike Shellim's F3J/TD Version 2. However, I believe a lot of the material I've presented can be applied to Taranis programming in general.

Taranis: Lock Your Individual Potentiometer Settings Into Memory and Use The Same Potentiometer to Adjust More That One Function.

Here's a way to set a potentiometer (S1, S2, LS, or RS) where you want it, and then lock the setting into memory so that it won't be affected when the pot is moved. You can also use the same pot for two separate functions, using a 3-position switch to choose set A, set B, or lock.

In this example I'll use the left slider (LS) to adjust volume when SC is down (SC↓), adjust aileron-to-rudder mix when SC is up (SC↑), and keep both settings locked in memory and unaffected by the left slider when SC is in the middle position (SC-). The settings are held in memory by global variables.

In the case of aileron-to-rudder mix, GVAR7 sets the amount of mix, and each flight mode has its own value, so in flight modes 1-8 GVAR7 is set to Own value. The aileron-to-rudder mix setup is a modification of the one in Mike Shellim's F3J/TD setup, Version 2. (He calls it "combi.") You can refer to the CH06 (Rudd) mix in his setup to see how combi is actually implemented.

Mike's setup requires manually setting GVAR7 for each flight mode, which isn't practical to do in flight, so I added a way to adjust combi while flying.

First, note that GVAR7 has to be confined to values between 0 and 100 since negative values result in the rudder deflecting the wrong way. Therefore this method of setting GVAR7 via a special function does not work:

SF62   SC↑   Adjust GV7   Source   LS   ON   (This doesn't work.)
Instead, a mix is needed to translate values of LS that vary from -100 to +100 into values of 0 to +100:

CH17   (CmbAdj)   LS   Weight(+50%)   Offset(50%)   [CombiAdj]
The special function to adjust GVAR7 is then set up to read CH17 instead of reading LS directly:

SF62   SC↑   Adjust GV7   Source   CH17   ON   (This works.)
To set combi in flight, SC is flipped up (SC↑), LS is adjusted for the right amount of mix, and SC is set back to the middle position (SC-), locking in that setting for the current flight mode.

Now for the volume setting:

Volume is set with GVAR9 (named "Volume"), and since there's no need for separate volume settings for each flight mode, in flight modes 1-8 GVAR9 is set to Flight mode 0 value.

Unlike the combi function above, volume setting does use values from -100 to +100 so no translation is needed, but the Volume special function can't be set to read a global variable. It can, however, be set to read a channel, so a mix makes it possible for GVAR9 to control the volume:

CH32   (Volume)   MAX   Weight(GV9)   NoTrim   [Volume]
Two special functions are required, one to set GVAR9 according to the position of LS:

SF63   SC↓   Adjust GV9   Source   LS   ON
and one to indirectly read GVAR9 via the mix at CH32 and set the volume accordingly:

SF64   ON   Volume   CH32   ON
To set the volume, SC is flipped down (SC↓), LS is adjusted for the right amount of volume, and SC is set back to the middle position (SC-), locking in that setting for all flight modes.

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