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Dec 03, 2016, 02:02 PM
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Motor Rewinding

I had three motors as good candidates for rewinding. One was my friends Turnigy 2730 3000kV (Red Wonder), second was my burned 1700kV Blue Wonder and third was an old DT750 motor that could have a higher kV of around 1200-1300.

I had rewound one motor earlier, so I was pretty confident that I can get this done. Still I wouldn't call rewinding as very easy or cost efficient - brushless motors are so cheap nowadays that these custom wound motors have to be the most expensive after this operation. Still it's nice to know that you can repair and even improve brushless motor with some effort.

I had 0,5mm (~24AWG) wire from my friend and also 0,4mm (~26AWG) in my own stocks. I decided that I should use these instead of getting more wire, which might end up unnecessary in the long run. This limited my options for rewind somewhat, but I still found potential candidates.

I used RCGroups forums on DT and 2730 as a reference and to give idea on possible combos for successful rewind.

Red Wonder @ 3000kV

My friend wanted this as 2S 3D plane motor and after a bit of researching I concluded that my best shot would be 10 or 11 turns of 0,5 winded DLRK WYE. What I ended up after test wind was 10 turns. The last turn was a bit challenge for me. I know some others are able to squeeze couple of more turns, but I'm just a beginner and my fingers were hurting already.

Tested at 8,3V (2S 1800mAh lipo not quite full)
  • 6x4 6,8A 54,5W
  • 7x4 11,1A 86,3W
  • 8x3.8SF 13A 100W
Blue Wonder @ 1700kV

This motor had burned coils after the ESC burned due to sea plane submerging. It also had one rough bearing so what I did was replacement of bearings and complete rewind. This motor is traditional ABCABCABC motor so it's somewhat rough running. Not nearly as smooth as the Red Wonder.

I went with easy rewind of 0,4mm @ 15 turns ABC WYE which should end up around 1100-1200kV and be a nice 3S motor.

Tested at 8,15V
  • 7x4 3,8A 30,4W
Tested at 12,4V
  • 7x4 7,2A 86,8W
  • 7x6 7,7A 92,4W
  • 8x3.8 SF 8,6A 103W -> Too hot
Clearly 0,4mm wire is limiting the amps and 8 Amps is pretty much the max it can take. As such this is a fine generic 3S motor, though.


What I was aiming with this rewind was a workhorse for 9" to 10" props and 3S batteries. This weight motor should be able to push out almost 300W momentarily and the original just didn't have this kind of grunt.

Based on the forums and copper wires I had available I decided to try 2 x 0,5mm at 11 turns and wound Evolution DLRK. This should end at around 1300kV. Actually might be even a bit more as the number are pretty high when compared to my similar size Emax GT2215-09 (70g, 1180KV). After wind & soldering connectors this motor weighted 85g. New bearings were also changed to the motor.

Tested with 3S batteries (recharged between tests, did quite long runs to ensure that the motor doesn't get too hot).
  • 7x4 17,75A 200,5W
  • 8x38 SF 24A 262,3W
  • 9x47 SF 28,2 301W ~1250g thrust
  • 10x5 APC 32A 360W ~1350-1400g thrust
After testing I shortened the shaft and fitted it with collet style prop adapter & added spinner that I found in my parts bin. I have to say that this motor is one powerhouse rewound. And I was really surprised that it didn't get really hot at all even though I ran it well over 300W.
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Dec 03, 2016, 07:22 PM
Ronaldo Nogueira
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Awesome work my friend, really neat winding.
I really like the dLRK evolution scheme as it makes for neat terminations. My favorite method now is the Half Parallel dLRK (hpdLK), it makes for really powerful cool running motors, give it a try if you haven't done so.
So it looks like you're as crazy as I am...rewinding motors, repairing planes, tinkering with RC gear, good to know I'm not the only one
Dec 04, 2016, 05:20 AM
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Thanks Ronaldo!

Yeah, I guess I'm pretty much completely lost in this hobby. And it's pretty dark & cold outside here this time of year so plenty of time in the evenings to fix planes & motors that have been damaged during summer.

I have to try half parallel dLRK... Maybe next rewind?
Dec 04, 2016, 08:39 AM
Ronaldo Nogueira
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Originally Posted by Late99
Thanks Ronaldo!

Yeah, I guess I'm pretty much completely lost in this hobby.
I know exactly what you mean, everything is addictive to me and I enjoy all the steps in this hobby: from building, tinkering, improving and fixing stuff to the actual flying (sometimes even repairing).

And it's pretty dark & cold outside here this time of year so plenty of time in the evenings to fix planes & motors that have been damaged during summer.
I have to try half parallel dLRK... Maybe next rewind?
Bad weather here too so right now I'm rewinding the NTM4258 that burned last week causing the crash of my Corvus 540 59". It was previously wound with dLRK evolution (530kv) but now I'm rewinding with hp dLRK (10 turns of a single strand 20AWG wire). I expect the same 530kv and now I should be able to use the same 15x6 prop but running much cooler.
I attached the hpdLRK scheme I use, if you like the dLRK evolution you'll love this one, same symmetric terminations, very neat and organized.
Try practicing on the sim while you can't fly so you don't feel rusty when the flying season begins.
Happy flying!

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