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Feb 10, 2002, 10:49 AM
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Epoxy Application on the cheap

Tacky fingers, covered in 30 minute epoxy?

For some reason I was thinking of cakes while building my glider, then I "discovered" an application method that is:
* much cleaner
* much faster
* more accurate
than the usual spatula.

1. Get one of those small plastic clear freezer bags
2. turn in inside out
3. Using "30 min part A epoxy", draw a neat zig-zag pattern that covers 1/3 of the closed bottom of the bag. **
4. Using "part B epoxy" simply follow the neat A line, this ensures you get equal amounts. no need to guess the size of two "blobs"
5. Carefully hold 2 corners of the bag, allowing the epoxy A & B to flow over each other, then reverse corners and repeat. This should only take around 30 seconds.
6 . carefully put your hand inside and pull the bag inside-out, at this stage your fingers or work area are free of epoxy
7. Using your dry spatula, scrap/drag the epoxy inside the bag into one of the closed corners, pushing air bubbles to the open end.
8. bunch up the rest of the bag, like a bakers icing applicator
9. slice a tiny hole of the corner using your blade
10. you can now place a very precise run of epoxy, great for fillets.

It can take a few minutes to setup the bag, however application is now much faster and more controlled that the spatula method.

** do not try to make a "full" bag, once the epoxy is contained within the bag, it becomes very hot and larger quantities tend to rapidly set, before you can sqeeze it out!
I don't know if you can do this quick enough for 5 min epoxy?
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