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Sep 21, 2004, 12:38 AM
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Any 1/5 racing in L.A.

Are there ANY clubs in the L.A. area? Before I buy a bike I'd like to race anywhere but up and down my street! Are these things popular here or only in Europe?
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Sep 21, 2004, 08:18 AM
STeve B in NC
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They have been popular in Europe for quite a while. Except for a brief period a few years ago when NF 501's were available here, these (1/5) bikes have only been sold in the US for 3-4 years. So nobody knows about them! I've enjoyed r/c bikes for maybe 10 years or so, but all I knew about were the "toy" r/c bikes (DSI Ninjas, Tyco Extremes, Royals, Bachmanns, etc.) and I tore up a bunch of those over the years. But I only found the "real" r/c bikes about 2 years ago. I saw one of John Veal's nitro clips posted on a CBR list I was on, and said, "I GOTTA have one of those". Several web searches turned up Nuova Faor, but there was nowhere to buy them here in the US. I finally found one on e-bay.

Just in the last 2 years the availabilty of these bikes has increased and you can buy NFs and TTs and Bergs here in the US. You can probably thank Thunder Tiger for putting the knock-off FM-1e in it's inventory. It's low cost, and is the bike that most newcomers get. If not for it hanging around, I'd bet virtually nobody would be runnning r/c bikes here.

So, short answer , nope, not too many people race these bikes in the US. But you are on the cutting edge of them becoming more mainstream, as more people discover them. And I think the mfg's are starting to notice (just look at the Kyosho HOR's coming back to Tower). So go ahead a get you a bike, show it off as much as you can, go to your local r/c club and see if you can get some track time, and I'll bet in a few more years there will be tons of places to race them. (hope so anyway)!

STeve B in NC
Sep 21, 2004, 12:49 PM
Registered User
It seems so sad since these things are so unique! I started when I found an old Kyosho back in 1980! First thing I did is put a larger motor and battery in it, proceeding to TEAR up my tranny- no replacment parts so in the trash it went. I now have the Kyosho HOR with a speed 300 and 3s1p Lipo but all it does is smoke it's tire on my street (from a 20 mph rolling start) and lose control and cartwheel about 50 feet. No fun.
I need one of these bigger bikes for better control since ouir streets are not made like smooth tennis courts. I think the problem with bikes is people don't want to take the time to race under control, it's much easier to drive a 1/10 car around a track at very unscale unrealistic speeds. Bikes and 1/5 cars seem to be the closest to real scale vehicles.

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