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Sep 20, 2004, 05:11 PM

Slopin' at Reno Red Rock and BIG SCARE!

Check out this link for some pictures of slope soaring a pair of 2m
Multiplex ASW27's last weekend at Reno Red Rock after the races. Flying
a scalie at the slope in 40 kts is verrrry cool! Some of the largest
diameter, high energy loops I have ever seen!

But what really got my heart racing was losing an engine on final
approach into Salt Lake City with a full cabin in a Canadair Challenger
RJ last night. We heard a loud thump and then heard the turbine
spooling down. I sure don't know why, but instead of landing, the pilot
elected a missed approach to go around and shoot another approach! He
must have wanted to log some "actual" single engine time! Funny how
slowly those RJs climb out on one fan! It was quite festive when they
rolled all the emergency equipment to meet us at the end of the runway!

This is my third inflight engine failure, so by my count I still have
six of my nine lives left!

Paul Siegel

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