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Duratrax Onyx 260 AC/DC Balancing Charger

A new dual port charger from Duratrax arrives in December....


Two Chargers in One Box

Duratrax is coming out with a new charger next month called the Onyx 260. It's a dual port balance charger that has a 3.2" color touch screen display that is used for all the settings. You can see the critical charging data on the screen with a few different options for how you want it displayed. You can use a DC power source of 11-15 volts or plug it into a 110V AC wall outlet. The Onyx 260 handles 1-15 cell Nicd/NiMH and 2-6 cell Lithium batteries at up to 6A with a power rating of 60 watts per channel. The color screen looks great and you customize the text color, backlighting and even sounds to your liking. It will retail for $149.99 and will be available in December.

Check out the Duratrax Onyx 260 AC/DC Balancing Charger.

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