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Nov 03, 2016, 08:46 AM
Lunatix aka Mercer
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Build Log

Carbon 800-1000 size build - 40 minute flight time

Welcome to my new build log,
now aiming for the 40 minute mark with a new build / Modded h500 carbon pro
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Nov 03, 2016, 11:06 AM
Lunatix aka Mercer
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Thread OP
hi guys, been flying and building for a good few years now.
i was out of the air for 2 years but now im back up and flying again, missed it alot, all of my previous builds were modded versions from bought frames,

i had a Hj H4 Folding carbon fibre Quadcopter frame from ebay and built ontop of that.
photo and specs
Name: hjh4.png
Views: 66
Size: 817.0 KB
Description: h4
it was pretty stable.

after getting bored of the Flight time of ten minutes.. converted it into a very rough built Y6 gaining 15 mins flight time from it.
Name: hjy6.png
Views: 67
Size: 748.3 KB
Description: y6

i sold up my gear after a while due to personal reasons

in the past 2 months ive now bought back into the hobby luckily buying
this H500 Folding carbon fibre Quadcopter complete built & test flown system

Name: h500-folding-carbon-fibre-apm-quad.jpg
Views: 44
Size: 128.4 KB
from a friend for a very cheap price. a fraction of what it retails for from

its a stable platform but i think i overloaded it with weight from fpv setup and gimble , it resulted in a crash on my last flight

This altitude play Ended VERY badly (4 min 23 sec)

whilst out flying the other afternoon , my h500 quad decided to go awal for no apparent reason , it switched itself to LAND , i had minimum stick input for roll pitch yaw, and had zero throttle control. using the telemetry link and mission planner i tried to get it out of LAND mode back to stab but no ended in a tree with broken arms, props, and landing gear,

so NOW ONTO THE REBUILD /UPGRADE ! >> more to follow after this post !
Nov 03, 2016, 11:20 AM
Lunatix aka Mercer
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Thread OP

The Build Begins

ok so onto the build,

here I have the damaged h500 frame from droneshop that crashed,
it currently has 810kv rc timer motors, spinning a 1245 prop , these motors are designed for 1045 , but for some reason my friend used 1245 and it handled fine,

as you can see I have the 13 inch carbons going on ,
the NEW arms that are going on are 33cm long .
compared to what is currently on in this photo (17cm)

Name: 20150105_215041A.jpg
Views: 51
Size: 521.3 KB
Description: layout

as you can see the new layout is a hell of a lot bigger ,
Name: 20150105_215058A.jpg
Views: 52
Size: 491.6 KB
Description: width
measures in at 1000 size ,
or 850 if I trim the arms so the props only JUST fit without overhanging the frame

I don't want any overhang of the props/frame as I want it to be as efficient as possible.

oh look! heres the postie... brang me my new DJi E800s from buildYouOwnDrone
Name: motors.png
Views: 65
Size: 564.8 KB
Description: DJI e800

I purchased them separately not as the tune kit as I already have ESCs and I only need 4

more to follow... feel free to jump in
Nov 05, 2016, 11:53 AM
Lunatix aka Mercer
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Thread OP


hi guys,
so onto next build update.

started to break down the frame

Name: 14925731_1182860675134214_506316434989130510_n.jpg
Views: 38
Size: 66.4 KB
Description: old frame
Name: 14947875_1182860681800880_7659918047872792245_n.jpg
Views: 40
Size: 66.9 KB
Description: breakdown

i have received my new extended 33cm arms ,
old arms are 17cm

Name: arms diff.jpg
Views: 31
Size: 67.9 KB
Description: arms diff

now to accomodate the longer arms. i can no longer fold all 4 arms inwards
like original design
Name: H500-compact-carbon-folding-quad.jpg
Views: 35
Size: 81.0 KB

ive had to drill new holess to mount the tube clamps
and hinge hole
Name: switch clips arms.jpg
Views: 26
Size: 51.6 KB
Description: frame clip switch

for transportation.. so now i have all 4 arms folding Backwards and will secure with a velcro strap .
Name: new closed frame close.jpg
Views: 31
Size: 45.8 KB
Description: new frame closed
Name: new closed frame.jpg
Views: 34
Size: 43.5 KB
Description: frame closed

the open frame is HUGE !

its now 900 size diagonal
Name: frame size.jpg
Views: 32
Size: 46.6 KB
Description: size big
Name: frame size close.jpg
Views: 32
Size: 47.6 KB
Description: frame size close up

ripped off the old motors
bye bye 810kv RC timers

Name: old motors.jpg
Views: 18
Size: 47.5 KB
Description: old motors

hello new Dji E800s
mounted to motor mounts
Name: new motors mounted.jpg
Views: 39
Size: 62.5 KB
Description: new motors mounted

more to follow !
Nov 07, 2016, 10:43 AM
Multirotors are models too!
Just a curiosity for future builds. When using round tub arms, how do you make sure the motors are level, and how do you keep them level??
Latest blog entry: Test entry
Nov 10, 2016, 06:57 PM
Lunatix aka Mercer
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Thread OP
Originally Posted by Rusty105
Just a curiosity for future builds. When using round tub arms, how do you make sure the motors are level, and how do you keep them level??
put the vehicle on a flat table,

install the props ,

get a set square [roofing square] lay it square to the table surface , measure the to the tip of the prop , spin the prop to the other tip of the prop , measure.. ajust motor until both measurements are equal,

put a bit of lock tite thread lock gel around the tube clamp edge and all over the tube clamp screws and bolt down checking constantly the measurements are perfectly matched when turning the props

once the threadlock dries it should keep it pretty stiff,
Nov 10, 2016, 07:14 PM
Lunatix aka Mercer
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Thread OP

Update !

hi guys. ive been busy !

so carrying on from where we left off..

ive now cleaned the frame up given it a polish too

Name: 15055647_1188292221257726_6445428605397867342_n.jpg
Views: 20
Size: 119.3 KB
Description: CLEAN FRAME
test fitted the booms

now had to drill new holes for Screw for mount
Name: drill hole.jpg
Views: 26
Size: 48.9 KB
Description: tube holes

. then onto electrics..

ive taken the extended silicon cables from the old 810kv motors and soldered and heatshrank

Name: motor long wires.jpg
Views: 23
Size: 68.5 KB
Description: motors wiring

nice and long for the extended arms.

now mounted the arms

ran motor wiring thru tubes

Name: start wiring.jpg
Views: 30
Size: 105.8 KB
Description: start wiring
onto ESCS / power distrobution Loom / 3dr power module /

Name: loads of wiring.jpg
Views: 33
Size: 91.7 KB

also adding into the mix / LED lights underneath ,

12v bec to power fpv camera, fpv 1.2ghz transmitter , and the tarot Gimbal

6v bec to power the Servo that moves fpv camera up and down,]

Name: 14955872_1188292334591048_4522132073794343435_n.jpg
Views: 29
Size: 69.5 KB
Description: BEC

connected up the motors to APM board, ran wires for the telemetry , gps puck ,

soldered the fpv transmitter onto the 12v
soldered the tarot gimbal to 12v
soldered fpv camera to 12v

soldered futaba servo to 6v

and then BOLT it all back together..

now it dont sound like much as a post,
but its pretty straight forward stuff for any good builder.

i now have .....



Name: end shot.jpg
Views: 52
Size: 65.1 KB
Description: END SHOT

SHE measures in at a healty and SPOT on 850mm
thats around 1000mm with props on .

i am going to be replacing the STOCK legs with wither some Short aluminium Feet mounted to the corners of the frame that will just keep the gimbal and battery underneath clear of the floor.. as i dont like it to high up ..

OR depending on my flight time.. maybe some tarot RETRACTS

Name: end rear.jpg
Views: 33
Size: 54.6 KB
Description: END REAR
ive now got to tidy some excess wiring up with some cable ties, and tighten a few screws,

Name: end shot dark.jpg
Views: 31
Size: 49.3 KB
Description: END front on dark
but all in all ive found this the easiest build ive ever done

all up weight, loaded with gimbal , cameras, fpx tx , (basically everything) AND a 4s 5200mah battery

is only 2.39 KG

BUT this will run on a 6s 5200mah ,
and that will be my next update.. batterys !

i shall be breaking down 3 lipo batterys to bare bones ,

and creating 2x 5200mah 20c lipos


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